AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-06-21Remove trailing white spaces.akr
2014-06-21fiddle/extconf.rb: supply 0nobu
2014-06-20ChangeLog: fix vm_core.h entry in r46465nobu
2014-06-20* remove trailing spaces.svn
2014-06-20* 2014-06-21svn
2014-06-20encoding.c: fix rdoc [ci skip]nobu
2014-06-20* properties.svn
2014-06-20* test/lib/tracepointchecker.rb: add to check TracePoint healthiness.ko1
2014-06-20insns.def: avoid type-punned pointer castnobu
2014-06-20test_regexp.rb: split test_oncenobu
2014-06-20test_regexp.rb: assert prefixnobu for lovenobu
2014-06-20Don't erase for verbose mode.akr
2014-06-20test_optimization.rb: redefine separatelynobu
2014-06-19* test/ruby/test_settracefunc.rb: rewrite tests withko1
2014-06-19* compile.c (rb_iseq_compile_node): put start label of block afterko1
2014-06-19* 2014-06-20svn
2014-06-19* vm_eval.c (rb_catch_protect): fix same problem of [Bug #9961].ko1 fix dependenciesnobu
2014-06-19* vm.c (rb_vm_rewind_cfp): add new function to rewind specified cfpko1
2014-06-19* vm.c (invoke_block_from_c): move call/return event timing forko1
2014-06-19* vm_core.h: add VM_FRAME_MAGIC_RESCUE to recognize normal block orko1
2014-06-19* 2014-06-19svn
2014-06-19proc.c: Implement Method#currynobu
2014-06-18* 2014-06-18svn
2014-06-18constify parametersnobu
2014-06-17* properties.svn
2014-06-17* lib/net/ftp.rb (gets, readline): read lines without LF properly.shugo
2014-06-17eval.c: pass unknown optionsnobu
2014-06-17* gc.c (obj_memsize_of): memsize_of(T_ZOMBIE) returns 0, not a rb_bug.ko1 extract date at build timenobu
2014-06-16* 2014-06-17svn
2014-06-16runner.rb: instance variablenobu
2014-06-16* test/runner.rb: failure message should be passed as an argument.ko1
2014-06-16* test/runner.rb: capture TracePoint stat before setup and compareko1
2014-06-16* test/uri/test_generic.rb: fix wrong arguments for test case.hsbt
2014-06-16* test/date/test_date_arith.rb: remove unused block argument.hsbt
2014-06-16* test/date/test_date_strptime.rb: remove useless variable.hsbt
2014-06-16string.c: no copy of interned stringsnobu
2014-06-16vm_method.c: no RTEST on mere flagnobu
2014-06-16process.c: use UTF-8nobu
2014-06-16* 2014-06-16svn
2014-06-16process.c: variable as macro argumentnobu
2014-06-15vm_method.c: separate ID selectionnobu
2014-06-15test_file_exhaustive.rb: fix expected valuenobu
2014-06-15test_file_exhaustive.rb: fix assertionnobu
2014-06-15process.c: use RB_TYPE_Pnobu
2014-06-14runner.rb: use class variablenobu
2014-06-14runner.rb: check incrementnobu
2014-06-14* 2014-06-15svn