AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-06-03* vm_insnhelper.c (vm_yield_setup_block_args): add comment for r41041.nobu
2013-06-03* lib/cgi/cookie.rb (inspect): add inspect for debug.xibbar
2013-06-03add some rdocnaruse
2013-06-02* removes AC_CHECK_FUNCS(readdir_r). readdir_r()kosaki
2013-06-02* vm_insnhelper.c (vm_yield_setup_block_args): partially revert r41019.naruse
2013-06-02* test/socket/test_sockopt.rb: change test name. follow r41037.ayumin
2013-06-02* test/rinda/test_rinda.rb: rename functions introduced in r41009.ayumin
2013-06-02* 2013-06-03svn
2013-06-02follow r41034naruse
2013-06-02Suppress warnings: setting Encoding.default_internalnaruse
2013-06-02* enc/trans/japanese_euc.trans, test/ruby/test_transcode.rb,ktsj
2013-06-02* ext/socket/option.c: rename functions introduced in r41009naruse
2013-06-02dln_find.c: deprecated functionsnobu
2013-06-02dln_find.c: unused macrosnobu
2013-06-02* lib/cgi/util.rb, lib/erb.rb: Use String#b [Feature #8394] by znzzzak
2013-06-02math.c: ASCII minusnobu
2013-06-02* lib/irb/lc/help-message: Apply english updates for irb --help #7510zzak
2013-06-02fill rdocsnobu
2013-06-02* range.c: Fix rdoc on Range#bsearch [Bug #8242] [ruby-core:54143]zzak
2013-06-01* 2013-06-02svn
2013-06-01* enc/euc_jp.c: fix typo: the name of EUC-JIS-2004.naruse
2013-06-01* vm_eval.c (rb_mod_module_eval): mention in docs that arguments passedcharliesome
2013-06-01* lib/set.rb (Set#freeze, taint, untaint): Save a "self" byknu
2013-06-01compile.c: not simple if keyword argsnobu
2013-06-01vm_insnhelper.c: extract keyword arguments after splatnobu
2013-06-01vm_insnhelper.c: add commentsnobu
2013-06-01remove duplicated entrykazu
2013-06-01error.c: better names for rb_exc_new familynobu
2013-06-01string.c: remove old interfacesnobu
2013-06-01Restore the removed change-log entriesmrkn
2013-05-31zlib.c: check EOFnobu
2013-05-31* ext/socket/option.c (inspect_byte): used only on NetBSD.nobu
2013-05-31* bignum.c: Use BDIGIT type for hbase.akr
2013-05-31ChangeLog: revert accidentally removed entriesnobu
2013-05-31Use custom methods for values whose type is different on platformsnaruse
2013-05-31* ext/socket/option.c (sockopt_s_byte): constructor of the sockoptnaruse
2013-05-31* ext/bigdecimal/bigdecimal.c (BigDecimal_power): use rb_dbl2bigmrkn
2013-05-31* 2013-06-01svn
2013-05-31* bignum.c (calc_hbase): Make hbase the maximum power of baseakr
2013-05-31* bignum.c (calc_hbase): Extracted from rb_big2str0.akr
2013-05-31* bignum.c: Don't hard code SIZEOF_BDIGITS for log_base(hbase).akr
2013-05-31* process.c: Improve Process::exec documentationzzak
2013-05-31vm_eval.c: new names of rb_funcall familynobu
2013-05-31* README.EXT: refine a sentence. thanks to Leonard Chin.nobu
2013-05-31array.c: aliases to rb_ary_new familynobu
2013-05-31array.c: new names of rb_ary_new familynobu HAVE_ATTRIBUTE_FUNCTION_ALIASnobu
2013-05-31* object.c, proc.c: s/call_seq/call-seq in rdoc. [Fix GH-322]zzak
2013-05-31* ext/openssl/ossl_ssl.c: Add missing paren in rdoc [Fix GH-321]zzak
2013-05-31README.EXT: fix typonobu