AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-09-09runruby.rb: set envvars for bundlernobu
2017-09-09Add a note to Random.urandommame
2017-09-09* 2017-09-10svn
2017-09-09Update a test of SecureRandom according to r57384mame
2017-09-09Support LCOV visualization for both C and Ruby codemame
2017-09-09spec/bundler/support: paths for ruby corenobu test-bundler-preparenobu
2017-09-09rubygems_ext.rb: use BUNDLE_GEMnobu
2017-09-09sprintf.c: NULL as strnobu
2017-09-09compile.c: replaced switch by TYPEnobu
2017-09-09Sync .gitignore and svn:ignore and cleanup [ci skip]kazu
2017-09-08* 2017-09-09svn
2017-09-08fiber: fix machine stack marking when FIBER_USE_NATIVE is 0normal
2017-09-08Rollback to v1.15.4 version.hsbt
2017-09-08* properties.svn
2017-09-08Merge bundler to standard libraries.hsbt moved flagsnobu
2017-09-08fix up r59776nobu
2017-09-08move th->fiber to ec->fiber.ko1
2017-09-08Update latest bundled-gems.hsbt
2017-09-08fix a label for bundled gems.hsbt
2017-09-07the working directory may not be srcdirusa
2017-09-07* properties.svn
2017-09-07* 2017-09-08svn
2017-09-07Measure the test coverage without SimpleCovmame
2017-09-07Remove unneeded trace instruction for coveragemame
2017-09-07Use `%i`-literal instead of array of symbolskazu fix golfnobu
2017-09-07* 2017-09-07svn
2017-09-07ruby.h: unnormalized Fixnum valuenobu
2017-09-06Fix a typo [ci skip]kazu
2017-09-06string.c: fix false coderangenobu
2017-09-06string.c: optimize enumerate_grapheme_clustersnobu
2017-09-06add mention of upgrade to Unicode 10.0.0 to NEWS fileduerst
2017-09-06remove Unicode 9.0.0-related filesduerst
2017-09-06update Ruby to Unicode 10.0.0duerst
2017-09-06Update SimpleCov version (v0.10.0 -> v0.15.0)mame
2017-09-06Fixed compilationn error with VMDEBUG=3.hsbt
2017-09-06accept ec instead of th.ko1
2017-09-06th is not definedko1
2017-09-06thread_context -> execution_contextko1
2017-09-06* 2017-09-06svn
2017-09-05openssl: merge test fixes from upstreamrhe
2017-09-05Update credentials for Travis/Slack integration.hsbt
2017-09-05Hide NotImplementedError for windowsmame
2017-09-05st.c: fix num_entriesnobu
2017-09-05st.c: fix false assertionsnobu
2017-09-05optimize rb_hash_bulk_insert to generally outperform 2.4.shyouhei
2017-09-05* 2017-09-05svn