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2012-03-06* lib/xmlrpc/client.rb: assume servers that do not send a Content-Typetenderlove
2012-03-06* 2012-03-07svn
2012-03-06* test/xmlrpc/test_client.rb: adding a test for performing an XMLRPCtenderlove
2012-03-06Fix typo.naruse
2012-03-06Comment out unused lines.naruse
2012-03-06* parse.y (parser_tokadd_string): escape simple regexp metanobu
2012-03-06* string.c (rb_str_aref): Improve rdoc, as per [bug #6106]marcandre
2012-03-06* ext/io/console/console.c (set_rawmode): clear ECHOE and ECHOKnobu
2012-03-05* lib/xmlrpc/client.rb: switch net/http post2 calls to moderntenderlove
2012-03-05only run `test_key` on ruby 2.0.0 or uptenderlove
2012-03-05* ext/psych/lib/psych/core_ext.rb: only extend Kernel if IRB is loadedtenderlove
2012-03-05* parse.y (block_call): rules for block_call after block_call.nobu
2012-03-05* parse.y (block_command, block_call): simplified rules.nobu
2012-03-05* 2012-03-06svn
2012-03-05fix typoskazu
2012-03-05* ext/syck/lib/syck/rubytypes.rb (Exception.yaml_new): fix bugnobu
2012-03-05* ext/socket/extconf.rb: fix typo.nobu
2012-03-05* test/ruby/test_sleep.rb (TestSleep#test_sleep_5sec): syntax error.usa
2012-03-05Remove unused variables.naruse
2012-03-05Fix condition of r34897.naruse
2012-03-05* st.c (unpack_entries): chain entries directly. based on a patchnobu
2012-03-05* st.c (unpack_entries): use union instead of casted pointer.nobu
2012-03-05* st.c: use PACKED_ENT and FIND_ENTRY. patched by Sokolovnobu
2012-03-05* st.c (unpack_entries): reallocate bins if packed array sizenobu
2012-03-05* ext/bigdecimal/lib/bigdecimal/math.rb: remove description aboutnaruse
2012-03-05* 2012-03-05svn
2012-03-05Old linux (at least CentOS 5.6, kernel 2.6.18) wakes up 4.99 sec.naruse
2012-03-04* parse.y (parser_tokadd_string): regexp engine doesn't neednobu
2012-03-04* hash.c: remove trailing spaces.ktsj
2012-03-04* 2012-03-04svn
2012-03-04* ChangeLog: fix a typonagachika
2012-03-03* process.c (rb_run_exec_options_err): chdir at last to interpretakr
2012-03-03trivial changestadf
2012-03-03 * ext/date/date_strftime.c: reassigned some variables.tadf
2012-03-03 * ext/date/date_{parse,strptime}.c [ruby-dev:45303].tadf
2012-03-03remove another call to Net::HTTP.version_1_2tenderlove
2012-03-03* lib/xmlrpc/client.rb (initialize): net/http defaults to 1_2 in 1.8+,tenderlove
2012-03-03* test/xmlrpc/test_client.rb: property.nobu
2012-03-02* lib/xmlrpc/client.rb (new2): use URI for uri parsing.tenderlove
2012-03-02* lib/xmlrpc/client.rb (new2): raises an ArgumentError on badtenderlove
2012-03-02* lib/xmlrpc/client.rb (new2): fix custom port specification when antenderlove
2012-03-02* ext/syck/rubyext.c (mktime_do): use ISDIGIT().nobu
2012-03-02* (ruby_pc): make configurable. [Bug #6051]nobu
2012-03-02* 2012-03-03svn
2012-03-02* .travis.yml: property.nobu
2012-03-02subclass of Stringnobu
2012-03-02* .travis.yml (branches): Enable TravisCI for ruby_1_9_3.nahi
2012-03-02* test/ruby/test_array.rb (test_combination2): Make the test case fornahi