AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-01-12ext: use rb_sprintf() and rb_vsprintf() with PRIsVALUEnobu
2014-01-12stubs.c: library name stringsnobu
2014-01-12tcltklib.c: create_ip_exc format argumentnobu
2014-01-12iseq.c: linear searchnobu
2014-01-12iseq.c: potential memory leaknobu
2014-01-12* 2014-01-12svn
2014-01-12ruby/util.h: DECIMAL_SIZE_OF_BITSnobu
2014-01-11test_bigmath.rb: r44558nobu
2014-01-11test_bigmath.rb: test_lognobu
2014-01-11* 2014-01-11svn
2014-01-11bigdecimal.c: expand buffernobu
2014-01-10test_weakref.rb: find collected weakrefnobu
2014-01-10* vm_exec.c (cfp): Avoid generating invalid binary foryugui
2014-01-10vm_insnhelper.c: boudn method transplantingnobu
2014-01-10test_super.rb: remove unneeded codenobu
2014-01-10insns.def: add opt path for Hash#[] and Hash#[]= used with str literal keystmm1
2014-01-10gc.c: fix doc typotmm1
2014-01-09* range.c (Range#size): [DOC] improve description and add examples.eregon
2014-01-09* gc.c: Oups, symbols are immediates toomarcandre
2014-01-09* gc.c: Supplement object_id's rdoc for immediate and frozen string litteralsmarcandre
2014-01-09* gc.c: Fix and remove outdated rdoc for object_idmarcandre
2014-01-09* object.c: Add rdoc for classes frozen by defaultmarcandre
2014-01-09* doc/NEWS-2.1.0: Add mention for litteral.freezemarcandre
2014-01-09* array.c: rdoc clarification for <=>marcandre
2014-01-09* 2014-01-10svn
2014-01-09tk/extconf.rb: fix libpathflag argumentsnobu
2014-01-09ChangeLog: commit missnobu -mstackrealignnobu use SSE2nobu
2014-01-09* hash.c (rb_objid_hash): should return `long'. brushup r44534.usa
2014-01-09* remove trailing spaces.nobu
2014-01-09* vm.c (rb_vm_pop_cfunc_frame): added. It cares c_return event.ko1
2014-01-09* hash.c (rb_any_hash): should treat the return value of rb_objid_hash()usa
2014-01-09* ext/psych/lib/psych/visitors/yaml_tree.rb: dumping strings withtenderlove
2014-01-09* 2014-01-09svn
2014-01-09* ext/psych/lib/psych/visitors/to_ruby.rb: anonymous structstenderlove
2014-01-08vm_insnhelper.c: revive r44455 for bound module methodnobu
2014-01-08rubygems/test_case.rb: fix errors in mkmf testsnobu
2014-01-08object.c: hash value from objid with saltnobu
2014-01-08* 2014-01-08svn
2014-01-08lib/timeout.rb: fallback to Timeout::Errornobu
2014-01-07* numeric.c: Fix typo in an error messagea_matsuda
2014-01-07timeout.rb: revert r44520nobu
2014-01-07timeout.rb: current_targetnobu
2014-01-07timeout.rb: unused attributenobu
2014-01-07timeout.rb: fix for ExitExceptionnobu
2014-01-07timeout.rb: defer creating custom exceptionnobu
2014-01-07test_timeout.rb: shorten waiting timesnobu
2014-01-07 * ChangeLog:drbrain
2014-01-07ext/json: objects depend on $(ruby_headers)tmm1