AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2003-08-14lib/bigdecimal/math.rb added.shigek
2003-08-14Bug fix: div method.shigek
2003-08-14* ext/win32ole/win32ole.c (OLE_FREE): should not callsuke
2003-08-14* gc.c (rb_data_object_alloc): check type of 1st argument.usa
2003-08-13Ambiguity of BigDecimal::limit removed.shigek
2003-08-13* lib/webrick/https.rb (HTTPServer#run): should set syncing-modegotoyuzo
2003-08-13* eval.c (POP_BLOCK): turn on BLOCK_LEFT flag when leaving block.matz
2003-08-13* object.c (rb_class_s_alloc): add function prototype to avoid VC++eban
2003-08-13 * ext/Win32API/Win32API.c (Win32API_initialize): should pass someusa
2003-08-12commit missnobu
2003-08-12* ext/extmk.rb (extmake): compact $extlibs.nobu
2003-08-12* static link libraries to LIBRUBY_SO with static linkednobu
2003-08-11RD -> RDoc by William Webbergsinclair
2003-08-11* eval.c (THREAD_SAVE_CONTEXT): should explicitly turn off thematz
2003-08-11* eval.c (rb_thread_restore_context): typo.matz
2003-08-11* eval.c (struct thread): add member to save backing store onmatz
2003-08-11* lib/debug.rb(debug_command): inspection command should inspect resultingnahi
2003-08-11* eval.c (rb_call_super): do not use rb_block_given_p() formatz
2003-08-10Bug fix: '-' should not be counted as a digit(to_s(n) format).shigek
2003-08-10* ext/openssl/lib/openssl/buffering.rb: increase BLOCK_SIZEgotoyuzo
2003-08-09* cygwin/GNUmakefile: remove unnecessary '--drive-name=$(CC)'eban
2003-08-09* marshal.c (w_object): do not dump generic instance variable whenmatz
2003-08-08Invalid date.shigek
2003-08-08F style output(like 1234.56789) implemented to to_s method.shigek
2003-08-08Comment changed.shigek
2003-08-08F style output(like 1234.56789) implemented to to_s method.shigek
2003-08-08* marshal.c (w_object): should set `c_arg' at first.matz
2003-08-08* bcc32/Makefile.sub: rubyw.exe should be a Windows GUI program.eban
2003-08-07* lib/webrick/httputils.rb (FormData#list): should not takegotoyuzo
2003-08-07* cygwin/GNUmakefile: add forwarding DLL target for cygwin.eban
2003-08-07* cygwin/GNUmakefile: better --disbale-shared option support.eban
2003-08-07* eval.c (rb_f_at_exit): should not be called without a block.matz
2003-08-06* eval.c (rb_call0): forgot to pop ruby_class.matz
2003-08-06* eval.c (rb_call0): update ruby_class as well as ruby_cref.matz
2003-08-06* gc.c: FreeBSD/ia64's mcontext_t is a bit different from that ofknu
2003-08-06Just small change.shigek
2003-08-06Comparison results adjusted to Float's.shigek
2003-08-06BigDecimal change.shigek
2003-08-06 * lib/test/unit/testcase.rb: Added equality checking.ntalbott
2003-08-06RD -> RDoc by William Webbergsinclair
2003-08-06* lib/mkmf.rb (have_library): treat nil function name as "main".nobu
2003-08-06* ext/extmk.rb (extmake): pass LIBPATH to make ruby. [ruby-dev:21137]nobu