AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2002-03-03fix method name.akr
2002-03-01* ext/socket/{addinfo.h,getaddrinfo.c} (gai_strerror): add consteban
2002-03-01* ChangeLog: fixed the description of getacl.shugo
2002-03-01* lib/net/imap.rb: added document.shugo
2002-02-28* dln.c (dln_load): fix typo.akr
2002-02-28* ext/socket/extconf.rb (have_struct_member): new method.akr
2002-02-28* eval.c (rb_mod_include): load modules in argument order.matz
2002-02-27* ext/dbm/dbm.c (fdbm_select): 1.7 behavior.matz
2002-02-27* io.c (READ_DATA_PENDING): uClibc support.eban
2002-02-26* ext/digest/sha2/sha2.c: Merge from rough. Fix a couple ofknu
2002-02-26* bignum.c (rb_big_2comp): void function cannot return any value.usa
2002-02-26* eval.c (rb_eval): call trace_func for if/while conditions.matz
2002-02-26* lib/uri/generic.rb: merge0 shuld return [oth, oth] if oth is absolute URI.akira
2002-02-25Corrected mis-indentation. Try diff -w to find that these are the same withoutnahi
2002-02-25* ext/syslog/syslog.c: Merge from rough. Use SafeStringValue().knu
2002-02-25* ext/syslog/syslog.c: Merge from rough. Turn Syslog into aknu
2002-02-25commit miss.nobu
2002-02-25* sample/test.rb (system): test with scripts under the sourcenobu
2002-02-25* eval.c (method_inspect): should not dump core for unboundmatz
2002-02-25* lib/shell.rb (Shell::expand_path): relative to @cwd.nobu
2002-02-24* ext/digest/*/*.h: Merge from rough.knu
2002-02-24Merge from rough.knu
2002-02-23Refactoring. Added Context#format_frame to format a frame, used by up/downnahi
2002-02-22modify typo.aamine
2002-02-22fix filename.akr
2002-02-22* lib/net/protocol.rb: set read_timeout dynamically.aamine
2002-02-22* win32/ set LIBRUBY_SO.usa
2002-02-22* bignum.c (get2comp): need to specify to carry or not.matz
2002-02-22* prettyprint.rb: FillGroup implemented.akr
2002-02-21* ext/ (create_makefile): remove unnecessary -L option fromusa
2002-02-21* pack.c (pack_pack): wrong # comment treatment.matz
2002-02-20* intern.h: prototypes; rb_io_addstr(), rb_io_printf(),nobu
2002-02-20* io.c (rb_io_close): return Qnil.usa
2002-02-20* hash.c (rb_any_cmp): should handle Qundef in keys.matz
2002-02-19Initial revisionnobu
2002-02-19* file.c (path_check_1): do not fail on world writable *parent*nobu
2002-02-19* file.c (path_check_1): do not warn on world writable *parent*matz
2002-02-19file.c (path_check_1): typomatz
2002-02-19* file.c (path_check_1): should check directory sticky bits.matz
2002-02-19* parse.y (yylex): operators in the "op" rule should makematz
2002-02-19* eval.c (rb_eval_string_wrap): should hide the toplevel localmatz
2002-02-19* regex.c: fix prototypes of xmalloc(), xcalloc() and xrealloc().eban