AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-06-12* pack.c (pack_{un,}pack): new template character `j` and `J`, pointerusa
2015-06-12* file.c (File::SHARE_DELETE): new flag to be able to delete opened fileusa
2015-06-12* ChangeLog: added missing commit message.hsbt
2015-06-12* sample/exyacc.rb: Fix some typos.hsbt
2015-06-12hash.c: fetch_valuesnobu
2015-06-12array.c: fix for enumeratornobu
2015-06-12test_nofree.rb: fix commit missnobu
2015-06-12test_nofree.rb: rehearsalnobu
2015-06-12array.c: typonobu
2015-06-12* 2015-06-12svn
2015-06-12array.c: bsearch_indexnobu
2015-06-11* ext/zlib/zlib.c: Fix indentation for rdoc.hsbt scan version.cnobu
2015-06-11* method.h (METHOD_ENTRY_BASIC_SET): fix last commit (unbalanced parens).ko1
2015-06-11* define SET_THREAD_NAME if it has pthread_set_name_npnaruse
2015-06-11* method.h (METHOD_ENTRY_BASIC_SET): should clear last bit.ko1
2015-06-11* lib/rubygems.rb: bump version to 2.4.7 and 2.4.8. these versions fixedhsbt
2015-06-11* lib/rubygems.rb: bump version to 2.4.6. It's missing change at r49774.hsbt
2015-06-11array.c: fix array size overflownobu
2015-06-11* test/test_cmath.rb (TestCMath#test_trigonometric_functions): shouldusa
2015-06-11vm_core.h: make VM_ASSERT an expressionnobu
2015-06-10* remove trailing spaces.svn
2015-06-10* method.h: embed rb_method_entry_t::attr::flags (5 bits) intoko1
2015-06-10* vm.c: use VM_ASSERT instead of assert().ko1
2015-06-10* vm_core.h: define VM_ASSERT() for assertionko1
2015-06-10* vm_insnhelper.c (check_frame): check type of cref_or_me first.ko1
2015-06-10* test/test_cmath.rb: Add assertions for trigonometric functions.gogotanaka
2015-06-10* test/test_cmath.rb: Add assertions for error handling.gogotanaka
2015-06-10* 2015-06-11svn match spacesnobu
2015-06-10* lib/mkmf.rb: revert r50804 because of build failure when specifyingngoto fix markup miss. [ci skip]kazu
2015-06-10* Fix typo. Patch by @davydovantongogotanaka update version.inobu
2015-06-10* 2015-06-10svn accurate fakenobu
2015-06-09version.c: use str_new_staticnobu
2015-06-09mkmf.rb: macro assigmentsnobu
2015-06-09* lib/prime.rb: Simplify and optimize EratosthenesSievemarcandre
2015-06-09* lib/prime.rb: Simplify and optimize EratosthenesSievemarcandre
2015-06-09* 2015-06-09svn
2015-06-09* lib/matrix.rb: Simplify and optimize EratosthenesSievemarcandre
2015-06-07* gc.c (obj_info): print method id for T_IMEMO/ment.ko1
2015-06-07* 2015-06-08svn
2015-06-07fix typo [ci skip]kazu
2015-06-06* Move test cases from test/ruby/test_complex.rb to test/test_cmath.rbgogotanaka
2015-06-06* lib/cmath.rb: [DOC] Documentation improvements [ci skip]gogotanaka
2015-06-06* 2015-06-07svn
2015-06-06* lib/cmath.rb: [DOC] Add docs [ci skip][Fix GH-909][Bug #11162]gogotanaka
2015-06-06* method.h: back to share rb_method_definition_t byko1