AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-09-12Merge fiddle-1.0.0.beta2 from upstream.hsbt
2017-09-12Add *.gemspec to .editorconfig [ci skip]kazu
2017-09-12Sort properties in .editorconfig [ci skip]kazu
2017-09-12Fix problem when open in emacs [ci skip]kazu
2017-09-12Fixed copy option for bundler synchsbt
2017-09-12Merge csv-0.1.0 from upstream.hsbt
2017-09-12Fixed install error with rdoc.gemspechsbt
2017-09-12* properties.svn
2017-09-12* remove trailing spaces.svn
2017-09-12Merge rdoc-6.0.0.beta2 from upstream.hsbt
2017-09-11console.c: set winsize on Windowsnobu
2017-09-11* 2017-09-12svn
2017-09-11test_io_console.rb: test_set_winsize_consolenobu
2017-09-11lib/securerandom.rb: test one byte to determine urandom or opensslmame
2017-09-11Backport test_realworld_default_gem test from Rubygems-2.6.13.hsbt
2017-09-11Follow latest VM changesnaruse
2017-09-11suppress unused argument warningnaruse
2017-09-11Remove commented out code of
2017-09-11Remove commented out code of SecureRandom.random_number.hsbt
2017-09-11Fixed unterminated backquote for bundler sync task.hsbt
2017-09-11Update bundled gems.hsbt
2017-09-11Added [Feature #12733] to NEWS entry.hsbt
2017-09-10store ec instead of thread in rb_context_t.ko1
2017-09-10avoid false positive on fiber_verify().ko1
2017-09-10clear `stack_end`.ko1
2017-09-10compile.c: pop coverage tracenobu
2017-09-10cont.c: fix typo [ci skip]nobu
2017-09-10* 2017-09-11svn
2017-09-10move th->machine to ec->machine.ko1
2017-09-10merger.rb: separate logsnobu
2017-09-10cli_spec.rb: prefer BUNDLE_RUBYnobu
2017-09-10BUNDLER_SPECS rquires a relative path with srcdir.hsbt
2017-09-09runruby.rb: set envvars for bundlernobu
2017-09-09Add a note to Random.urandommame
2017-09-09* 2017-09-10svn
2017-09-09Update a test of SecureRandom according to r57384mame
2017-09-09Support LCOV visualization for both C and Ruby codemame
2017-09-09spec/bundler/support: paths for ruby corenobu test-bundler-preparenobu
2017-09-09rubygems_ext.rb: use BUNDLE_GEMnobu
2017-09-09sprintf.c: NULL as strnobu
2017-09-09compile.c: replaced switch by TYPEnobu
2017-09-09Sync .gitignore and svn:ignore and cleanup [ci skip]kazu
2017-09-08* 2017-09-09svn
2017-09-08fiber: fix machine stack marking when FIBER_USE_NATIVE is 0normal
2017-09-08Rollback to v1.15.4 version.hsbt
2017-09-08* properties.svn
2017-09-08Merge bundler to standard libraries.hsbt moved flagsnobu
2017-09-08fix up r59776nobu