AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-11-04* test/xmlrpc: Don't use fixed ports: 8070 and 8071.akr
2013-11-04fix a typokazu
2013-11-04* test/xmlrpc/webrick_testing.rb (start_server): Initialize the serverakr
2013-11-04* 2013-11-04svn
2013-11-04eval_intern.h: avoid undefined behavior of setjmpnobu
2013-11-03* sample/test.rb: Make temporary file names unique.akr
2013-11-03gc.c: use booleannobu
2013-11-03ifchange: no overwrite with an empty filenobu
2013-11-03* test/xmlrpc: Wrap definitions by TestXMLRPC module.akr
2013-11-03* test/xmlrpc/webrick_testing.rb (stop_server): Don't try to shutdownakr
2013-11-03gc.c: suppress warningnobu
2013-11-03* 2013-11-03svn
2013-11-03load.c: defer initalization of static-linked-extnobu
2013-11-02logger.rb: fix r43511 for Windowsnobu
2013-11-01* 2013-11-02svn
2013-11-01* lib/logger.rb: Inter-process locking for log rotationnaruse
2013-11-01fix typotarui
2013-11-01gc.c: mark live objects onlynobu
2013-11-01 * gc.c (struct heap_page, gc_page_sweep, gc_sweep): Refactoring fortarui
2013-11-01test_m17n.rb: fix encodingnobu
2013-11-01 * gc.c (make_deferred): Refactoring. Collect codes which should betarui
2013-11-01 * gc.c (typedef struct rb_objspace): Refactoring. Move some memberstarui
2013-11-01transcode.c: fix segv in String.encode!nobu
2013-11-01string.c: fix typonobu
2013-11-01gc.c: zombie is not alivenobu
2013-11-01test_m17n.rb: nil replacementnobu
2013-11-01string.c: export rb_str_scrubnobu
2013-11-01load.c: suppress warningnobu
2013-11-01load.c: use local variablenobu
2013-10-31* thread.c (rb_mutex_struct): reduce rb_mutex_t size by 8 byteskosaki
2013-10-31* 2013-11-01svn
2013-10-31* benchmark/gc/gcbench.rb: print HWM (high water mark) if possible.ko1
2013-10-31* lib/rexml/parsers/streamparser.rb: Add dependency file require.kou
2013-10-31* vm_method.c (rb_method_entry_make): fix to pass an ISeq value.ko1
2013-10-31* 2013-10-31svn
2013-10-31Record dependency on Emacs 24.3 and update commentary.knu
2013-10-30fix typoskazu
2013-10-30misc/ruby-additional.el: Remove functions implemented in Emacs 24.3.knu
2013-10-30Makefile.sub: add missing config variablesnobu
2013-10-30* time.c (v2w): Normalize a rational value to an integer if possible.akr
2013-10-30* array.c (rb_ary_uniq_bang): use rb_ary_modify_check() instead ofglass
2013-10-29* ext/psych/lib/psych/visitors/yaml_tree.rb: make less garbage whentenderlove
2013-10-29* 2013-10-30svn
2013-10-29* ext/psych/lib/psych/visitors/yaml_tree.rb: string subclasses shouldtenderlove
2013-10-29* array.c (rb_ary_zip): some
2013-10-29* array.c (rb_ary_uniq_bang): use st_foreach() instead of for
2013-10-29* add RUBY_TYPED_FREE_IMMEDIATELY to data types which only useko1
2013-10-29* include/ruby/ruby.h: fix typo (FL_WB_PROTECT -> FL_WB_PROTECTED).ko1
2013-10-29* vm_trace.c (tp_free): remvoed because empty free function.ko1
2013-10-29* include/ruby/ruby.h: introduce new flags for T_TYPEDDATA.ko1