AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-03-03add teenyupnaruse
2015-03-03test_rubyoptions.rb: use assert_in_out_errnobu
2015-03-03envutil.rb: improve by assert_pattern_listnobu
2015-03-03test_process.rb: use assert_in_out_errnobu
2015-03-03* tool/redmine-backporter.rb: use 'b' instead of 's' for showingusa
2015-03-03* tool/redmine-backporter.rb: show selected ticket number at prompt.usa
2015-03-03* test/ruby/test_math.rb: add tests for the above change.gogotanaka
2015-03-03* math.c (num2dbl_with_to_f): direct casting from Rational to double.gogotanaka
2015-03-03test_rubyoptions.rb: use assert_segvnobu
2015-03-03.travis.yml: CONFIG_FLAGnobu
2015-03-03.travis.yml: install missing librarynobu
2015-03-03.travis.yml: suppress travis specific failurenobu
2015-03-02* test/ruby/test_symbol.rb: avoid a false positive in AIXodaira
2015-03-02* 2015-03-03svn
2015-03-02* set PRELOADENV in Solaris to avoid "wrong ELF class" error.ngoto
2015-03-02envutil.rb: fix typonobu
2015-03-02envutil.rb: fix const namenobu
2015-03-02test_process.rb: remove intermediate child processnobu
2015-03-02envutil.rb: timeout_error argument to invoke_rubynobu
2015-03-02envutil.rb: signal list to invoke_rubynobu _setjmp only if _longjmp is foundnobu remove extra unsignednobu
2015-03-02.travis.yml: do not ignore diffnobu
2015-03-02signal.c: nil for invalid signumnobu
2015-03-02* test/net/ftp/test_ftp.rb (create_ftp_server): set SO_OOBINLINEngoto restore unsignednessnobu
2015-03-01* 2015-03-02svn
2015-03-01io/wait: fix return value for buffered readnormal
2015-03-01thread_pthread.c: use rb_pid_tnobu
2015-03-01envutil.rb: signal argumentnobu restore convertible typenobu check broken memmem before earliernobu
2015-03-01gc.c: hide internal objectsnobu
2015-03-01mkconfig.rb: no build-time variablesnobu
2015-03-01add tests for strptime("%s.%N").akr
2015-03-01* 2015-03-01svn
2015-03-01* lib/time.rb (strptime): Support %s.%N.akr
2015-02-28enum.c: Fixnum onlynobu
2015-02-28enum.c: limit sizenobu
2015-02-28vm_dump.c: no new strings in signal contextnobu
2015-02-28variable.c: rb_search_class_pathnobu
2015-02-28variable.c: preserve name encoding of subclassnobu
2015-02-27* 2015-02-28svn
2015-02-27* ext/pty/pty.c: AIX supports autopush. Patch by Perry Smith [ruby-core:58539...odaira
2015-02-27* lib/rubygems: Update to RubyGems 2.4.6 and HEAD(800f2e6).hsbt
2015-02-27* lib/rake: Update to rake (9237e74), typo fix and remove needlesshsbt
2015-02-27* vm_core.h: define vm_svar_index.ko1
2015-02-27compile.c: debug prints to stderrnobu
2015-02-27compile.c: fix function namenobu
2015-02-27io.c: wipe away ioctl buffernobu