AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2002-10-17* object.c (rb_str_to_dbl): RString ptr might be NULL.matz
2002-10-17* lib/fileutils.rb: stat.blksize might become 0/nil.aamine
2002-10-17* lib/fileutils.rb: stat.blksize might become 0/nil.aamine
2002-10-16* sprintf.c (rb_f_sprintf): disallow mixed usage of numbered andnobu
2002-10-16* variable.c (rb_global_entry): not add global entry untilnobu
2002-10-12* win32/win32.c (rb_w32_putc): wrong condition to fill or flush onnobu
2002-10-10* win32/win32.c (rb_w32_fclose, rb_w32_close): use closesocket()nobu
2002-10-10rename malloc_memories to malloc_increase. [ruby-cvs:05237]nobu
2002-10-10use BUITIN_TYPE() rather than TYPE().nobu
2002-10-10* gc.c (ruby_xmalloc, ruby_xrealloc): restrict total allocationnobu
2002-10-10* ext/tcltklib/stubs.c (ruby_tcltk_stubs): fix memory leak.eban
2002-10-10* lib/weakref.rb (WeakRef::@@final): use Hash#delete.nobu
2002-10-09* gc.c (gc_sweep): also adjust heaps_limits when free unused heapnobu
2002-10-08* io.c (io_write): must check returned value from fwrite() beforenobu
2002-10-08* lib/prettyprint.rb (PrettyPrint.singleline_format): new method.akr
2002-10-07* bignum.c (bigdivrem): bignum zero's len should not be 0.matz
2002-10-07* bignum.c (bigdivmod): wrong condition check for Bignum zero.matz
2002-10-07Fixed error messages and descriptions.ttate
2002-10-05* eval.c (rb_load): should not pass block to the loaded file.aamine
2002-10-04* bignum.c (rb_big_rshift): num should be initialized by carrymatz
2002-10-04* eval.c (rb_thread_interrupt, rb_thread_signal_raise): no need tonobu
2002-10-04updated uri.rb and uri/*.rb to uri-0.9.7akira
2002-10-04* use rb_cv_prog_gnu_ld on FreeBSD.eban
2002-10-04* (RUBY_PROG_GNU_LD): check whether the linker is GNU ld.eban
2002-10-03* gc.c (Init_stack): prefer address of argument rather than localnobu
2002-10-03* bcc32/mkexports.rb: to work on cygwin via telnet.nobu
2002-10-02use Object#class instead of deprecated Object#type.nobu
2002-10-02* lib/delegate.rb (Delegator::initialize): use Object#classnobu
2002-10-02* (RUBY_CHECK_IO_NEED_FLUSH): check whether fflush()nobu
2002-10-02Improve the description.ttate
2002-10-02* io.c (rb_io_wait_readable): handle retryable errors.nobu
2002-10-02* commit miss; and tcltklib fix too.matz
2002-10-02* gc.c (gc_sweep): free unused heap page to reduce process size ifmatz
2002-10-02* set ac_cv_func_setitimer to "no" on Cygwin.eban
2002-10-01 * ext/socket/socket.c (init_sock): no need for special finalizer,nobu
2002-10-01* range.c (range_check): need no Fixnum check.matz
2002-09-30* range.c (range_check): need no Fixnum check.matz
2002-09-30* io.c (rb_io_inspect): not need to raise IOError for closed stream. [ruby-t...nobu
2002-09-29* win32/win32.c (rb_w32_open_osfhandle): adjustnobu
2002-09-28* win32/win32.c (is_socket, rb_w32_select, rb_w32_accept, rb_w32_bind,usa