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2020-02-18[ruby/io-console] Just ignore the extension on other than CRubyNobuyoshi Nakada
2020-02-17[ruby/irb] Version 1.2.3aycabta
2020-02-17* append newline at EOF. [ci skip]git
2020-02-17Move the entry of net-protocol on docsHiroshi SHIBATA
2020-02-17Promote net-protocol to default gemsHiroshi SHIBATA
2020-02-17Partially revert "test/openssl/test_ssl.rb: skip ↵Yusuke Endoh
OpenSSL::TestSSL#test_fallback_scsv" A skip guard for test_fallback_scsv has been added in upstream repository.
2020-02-17[ruby/openssl] test/openssl/test_ssl: skip test_fallback_scsv if necessaryKazuki Yamaguchi
Run the test case only when the OpenSSL supports both TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2. Note that the fallback SCSV mechanism is for TLS 1.2 or older and not for 1.3. Fixes:
2020-02-17[ruby/openssl] ts: simplify OpenSSL::Timestamp::Request#algorithmKazuki Yamaguchi
Stop the special treatment of invalid hashAlgorithm of the message imprint. Those invalid values can only appear after the object is instantiated, before the user sets an actual message digest algorithm. OpenSSL::Timestamp::TokenInfo#algorithm already does the same. Also, remove the test case "test_create_request" since it does not make much sense. Those fields are to be set by the user after creation of the object and checking the initial value is pointless. Fixes:
2020-02-17test/openssl/test_ssl.rb: skip OpenSSL::TestSSL#test_fallback_scsvYusuke Endoh
on OpenSSL 1.1.1d or later.
2020-02-17[ruby/io-console] [DOC] Improved about `intr:`Nobuyoshi Nakada
2020-02-17* 2020-02-17 [ci skip]git add missing ticket linksMarcus Stollsteimer improve language; markup as list itemMarcus Stollsteimer remove leading whitespaceMarcus Stollsteimer fix method references; remove surplus bracketsMarcus Stollsteimer
2020-02-16Revert "test/openssl/test_ts.rb: tentatively skip a failing test on CentOS 6.9"Yusuke Endoh
This reverts commit a6d007c70b3aa5b55c9ca774446130356bd36eac. Unfortunately, the test fails on armv7l
2020-02-16test/openssl/test_ts.rb: tentatively skip a failing test on CentOS 6.9Yusuke Endoh
CentOS 6.9 will be EOL at Nov. Ruby 3.0 (or 2.8) release version will not support CentOS 6.9, so I'll remove the environment after it become green.
2020-02-16test/openssl/test_ssl.rb: skip a test on OpenSSL 1.1.d or laterYusuke Endoh
It fails due to "error:140AB18F:SSL routines:SSL_CTX_use_certificate:ee key too small". This is a tentative measurement to avoid the failure. test/openssl/fixture/chain/server.key should be longer. It should be documented how to create the files. BTW, it would be a good idea to dynamically create a key during test instead of fixed files.
2020-02-16Make OpenSSL::OSSL#test_memcmp_timing robustYusuke Endoh
The test was too fragile. Actually, it fails on one of our CIs immediately after it was merged to ruby/ruby. * Two measurements, a-b and a-c, must be interative instead of sequential; the execution time will be easily affected by disturbance (say, cron job or some external process invoked during measurement) * The comparison of the two results must be relative instead of absolute; slow machine may take several tens of seconds for each execution, and one delta second is too small. The test cases of a, b, and c are very extreme, so if the target method has a bug, the two execution times would be very different. So I think it is enough to check if the difference is less than 10 times. This change is the same as
2020-02-16ext/openssl/extconf.rb: avoid -Werror=deprecated-declarationsYusuke Endoh
It fails to build on Solaris: ``` ossl_cipher.c: 関数 ‘ossl_cipher_init’ 内: ossl_cipher.c:228:2: エラー: ‘EVP_md5’ is deprecated [-Werror=deprecated-declarations] 228 | EVP_BytesToKey(EVP_CIPHER_CTX_cipher(ctx), EVP_md5(), iv, | ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In file included from /usr/include/openssl/x509.h:73, from /usr/include/openssl/x509v3.h:63, from ossl.h:23, from ossl_cipher.c:10: /usr/include/openssl/evp.h:732:26: 備考: ここで宣言されています 732 | DEPRECATED const EVP_MD *EVP_md5(void); | ^~~~~~~ ```
2020-02-16Guard for OpenSSL::PKey::EC::Group::Error with unsupported platformsHiroshi SHIBATA
2020-02-16Import openssl-2.2.0 (#2693)Hiroshi SHIBATA
Import the master branch of ruby/openssl for preparing to release openssl-2.2.0 Notes: Merged-By: hsbt <>
2020-02-16Split the optimizable range item conditionsNobuyoshi Nakada
2020-02-16* 2020-02-16 [ci skip]git
2020-02-16Reduce begin-less/end-less range allocationMasataka Pocke Kuwabara
``` $ cat test.yaml prelude: | def endless 1.. end def beginless ..1 end def endless_substr(str) str[1..] end benchmark: endless: endless beginless: beginless endless_substr: "endless_substr('foo')" $ RBENV_VERSION=trunk ruby -v ruby 2.8.0dev (2020-02-15T12:52:03Z master 961630126b) [x86_64-linux] $ RBENV_VERSION=patched ruby -v ruby 2.8.0dev (2020-02-15T12:52:03Z origin/master 961630126b) [x86_64-linux] $ benchmark-driver test.yaml --rbenv 'patched;trunk' Warming up -------------------------------------- endless 45.948M i/s - 46.076M times in 1.002782s (21.76ns/i, 26clocks/i) beginless 49.986M i/s - 50.237M times in 1.005037s (20.01ns/i, 24clocks/i) endless_substr 8.067M i/s - 8.187M times in 1.014936s (123.96ns/i, 148clocks/i) Calculating ------------------------------------- patched trunk endless 115.679M 21.500M i/s - 137.843M times in 1.191597s 6.411398s beginless 112.599M 22.060M i/s - 149.957M times in 1.331778s 6.797768s endless_substr 8.888M 6.760M i/s - 24.201M times in 2.722995s 3.580038s Comparison: endless patched: 115679391.9 i/s trunk: 21499711.2 i/s - 5.38x slower beginless patched: 112598731.5 i/s trunk: 22059673.0 i/s - 5.10x slower endless_substr patched: 8887513.1 i/s trunk: 6759886.2 i/s - 1.31x slower ``` Notes: Merged:
2020-02-15[ruby/irb] fix reserved words and completion for themNobuhiro IMAI
2020-02-15[ruby/irb] Include easter-egg.rb in gemspecNick Lewis
`irb` doesn't run because this file isn't included in the gem.
2020-02-15[ruby/irb] Version 1.2.2aycabta
2020-02-15[ruby/reline] Version 0.1.3aycabta
2020-02-15Workaround for bison provided by scoop on mswin environmentHiroshi SHIBATA
Notes: Merged:
2020-02-15[DOC] use local variable like names [ci skip]Nobuyoshi Nakada
Use local variable like name as return value which is an instance of that class but not constant itself.
2020-02-15lib/drb/drb.rb: Use ruby2_keywords for keyword separationYusuke Endoh
[Bug #16634]
2020-02-15* 2020-02-15 [ci skip]git
2020-02-15Fix call-seq of Pathname#{,l}ch{mod,own} [ci skip]Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA
2020-02-14[ruby/reline] Use IO#write instead of IO#printaycabta
IO#print always adds a string of $\ automatically.
2020-02-14[ruby/io-console] Prefer keyword argumentsNobuyoshi Nakada
2020-02-14Revert "MinGW - rename OpenSSL dll's in system32 directory"Hiroshi SHIBATA
This reverts commit 95c58d33cc6925f08d45c00b88367c702f61f428.
2020-02-14MinGW - rename OpenSSL dll's in system32 directoryMSP-Greg
Notes: Merged:
2020-02-14Hoisted out `rb_scan_args_result`Nobuyoshi Nakada
2020-02-14Consitified `rb_scan_args_set`Nobuyoshi Nakada
2020-02-14Fix typos and add a space [ci skip]Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA
2020-02-14Enhanced doc for ENVBurdette Lamar
* More on ENV examples Notes: Merged: Merged-By: nobu <>
2020-02-14* 2020-02-14 [ci skip]git
2020-02-14test/irb/test_completion.rb: suppress a warning: unused literal ignoredYusuke Endoh
2020-02-13spec/ruby/library/socket/constants/constants_spec.rb: skip on AndroidYusuke Endoh
IP_MAX_MEMBERSHIPS seems not to be defined on Android
2020-02-13spec/ruby/library/socket/addrinfo/getnameinfo_spec.rb: skip on AndroidYusuke Endoh
FreeBSD's GETNAMEINFO(3) says: > If a link-layer address or UNIX-domain address is passed to > getnameinfo(), its ASCII representation will be stored in host. The > string pointed to by serv will be set to the empty string if non-NULL; > flags will always be ignored. Android seems to behave like FreeBSD.
2020-02-13spec/ruby/library/etc/: skip the specs related to group on AndroidYusuke Endoh
User/group system on Android seems different from normal Linux.
2020-02-13spec/ruby/library/socket/addrinfo: skip the specs that uses SOCK_SEQPACKET ↵Yusuke Endoh
on Android SOCK_SEQPACKET seems not to be supported on Android
2020-02-13spec/ruby/library/syslog: skip the specs that use LOG_PERROR on AndroidYusuke Endoh
LOG_PERROR is defined on Android, but not implemented yet. See also f3c4e620ac612eab6370b1fb82feaa4e651542bb.
2020-02-13spec/ruby: skip the specs that use /etc/passwd on AndroidYusuke Endoh
There is no /etc/passwd on Android