AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-07-22* 2016-07-23svn
2016-07-22webrick: filter out HTTP_PROXY for CGIHandlernormal
2016-07-22* ChangeLog: Fix wrong license name.hsbt
2016-07-22Fix Issues reported by PVS-Studio static analyzernobu
2016-07-22* string.c (String#dump): Change escaping of non-ASCII characters induerst
2016-07-22Fix a typokou
2016-07-22* lib/rexml/attribute.rb (REXML::Attribute#to_string): Fix wrongkou
2016-07-22* template/unicode_norm_gen.tmpl: Removeduerst
2016-07-22* LEGAL: Added entries for files under the USD license.hsbt
2016-07-22* LEGAL: Added entry for `lib/rdoc/generator/template/darkfish/css/fonts.css`hsbt
2016-07-21gc.c: reduce EXEC_TAGnobu
2016-07-21* 2016-07-22svn
2016-07-21gc.c: set finalizingnobu
2016-07-21* missing/strl{cat,cpy}.c: Update latest upstream files.hsbt
2016-07-21* LEGAL: added file list with CC0 license.hsbt
2016-07-20* enc/unicode/data/8.0.0 (svn:ignore): also be ignored dotfiles.usa
2016-07-20* enc/unicode/data (svn:ignore): after r55701, this directory has versioned d...usa
2016-07-20enum.c: [DOC] Enumerable#uniq [ci skip]nobu
2016-07-20NEWS: Enumerable#uniq [ci skip]nobu
2016-07-20Fix commit misskazu
2016-07-20* 2016-07-21svn
2016-07-20fix typoskazu
2016-07-20enumerator.c: Enumerator::Lazy#uniqnobu
2016-07-20enum.c: Enumerable#uniqnobu
2016-07-20* 2016-07-20svn
2016-07-20hash.c: rb_hash_add_new_elementnobu
2016-07-19* lib/unicode_normalize/tables.rb: Removeduerst
2016-07-19variable.c: exclude private constantsnobu
2016-07-18* 2016-07-19svn
2016-07-18fix a typo [ci skip]kazu
2016-07-17numeric.c, complex.c: Add finite? and infinite? consistent with Floatmrkn
2016-07-17Move generated headers to unicode data directorynobu
2016-07-17* 2016-07-17svn
2016-07-17 * insns.def: tabify [ci skip]shyouhei INCFLAGSnobu
2016-07-15* time.c (time_arg): revert r55688 beause it had no effect. retry...usa directory timestampsnobu
2016-07-15* 2016-07-16svn
2016-07-15Revert r55693 because it broke building on all platforms (and had no ChangeLog).usa directory timestampsnobu
2016-07-15* string.c (str_buf_cat): Fix potential interger overflow of capa.ngoto
2016-07-15* string.c (str_buf_cat): Fix capa size for embed string.ngoto
2016-07-15* gems/bundled_gems: update latest gems.hsbt
2016-07-15util.c: do not underflownobu
2016-07-15* time.c (time_arg): it seems that this function sometimes causes SEGVusa
2016-07-15enc/unicode: check Unicode versionsnobu
2016-07-14string.c: reduce malloc overhead for default buffer sizenormal
2016-07-14enc-unicode.rb: check Unicode versionnobu
2016-07-14Download Unicode files just once [ci skip]nobu
2016-07-14* 2016-07-15svn