AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-06-09signal.c: warn at unresserved signalsnobu
2017-06-09Update bundled gems to latest versions.hsbt
2017-06-09Fix typo.a_matsuda
2017-06-08* 2017-06-09svn
2017-06-08tool/runruby.rb: test with smallest possible machine stacknormal
2017-06-08signal.c: relax installation failurenobu
2017-06-08vm_block_handler_verify() should not return any value.ko1
2017-06-08* remove trailing spaces.svn
2017-06-08check break target correctly.ko1
2017-06-08use NULL instead of 0.ko1
2017-06-08ruby.c: script name in UTF-8nobu
2017-06-08file.c: realpath in OS path encodingnobu
2017-06-08appveyor.yml: show encodings [ci skip]nobu
2017-06-08appveyor.yml: enable exam on AppVeyornobu
2017-06-07* 2017-06-08svn
2017-06-07* tool/make-snapshot: prefer to use a make commandodaira
2017-06-07load.c: get rid of side effectsnobu
2017-06-07* properties.svn
2017-06-07rexml: add close tag check on end of document to StreamParserkou update dependencies after r58978normal
2017-06-07* properties.svn
2017-06-07thread.c: avoid busy looping on rb_thread_fd_closenormal
2017-06-06* 2017-06-07svn
2017-06-06IO#close: do not enqueue redundant interrupts (take #2)normal
2017-06-06debug.c: fix breaking condtionsnobu
2017-06-06add test_ill_formed_utf_8_replace to test recommended number of \uFFFDduerst
2017-06-06re-revert r59020ko1
2017-06-06revert r59023 because it contans unrelated developping codeko1
2017-06-06revert r59020 because it may fail some tests sometimes on some environment (h...ko1
2017-06-06debug.c: parse locale and filesystem codepagesnobu
2017-06-06* 2017-06-06svn
2017-06-06IO#close: do not enqueue redundant interruptsnormal
2017-06-05win32.c: no localenobu
2017-06-05revert r59017 it fails ruby/test_lambda.rbko1
2017-06-05do not inform ``is_lambda".ko1
2017-06-05rename functions and clean parameters.ko1
2017-06-05* 2017-06-05svn
2017-06-05remove arg_setup_lambda.ko1
2017-06-04load.c: encode to OS path outside PUSH_TAGnobu
2017-06-04test_require.rb: fix expected pathnobu
2017-06-03array.c: docs for Array#{sort,sort!}stomar
2017-06-03* 2017-06-04svn
2017-06-03test_require.rb: ignore EPERM at UNCnobu
2017-06-03file.c: preserve encodingnobu
2017-06-03ruby.c: dladdr_path is not used on cygwinnobu
2017-06-03* vm_core.h: remove VM_FRAME_MAGIC_LAMBDA and introduceko1
2017-06-03test/ruby/test_require.rb: remove duplicate assertionnobu
2017-06-03test_require.rb: untouch default internal encodingnobu
2017-06-03test: attempt to reduce failures in assert_cpu_usage_lownormal
2017-06-02string.c: docs for String#splitstomar