AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-10-31tcltklib.c: GC guardnobu
2015-10-31eval_error.c: Fix a format of `NameError#message`nobu
2015-10-31internal.h: RUBY_DTRACE_HOOKnobu
2015-10-31use rb_source_loc and rb_source_locationnobu
2015-10-31vm.c: initialize line alwaysnobu
2015-10-31* 2015-10-31svn
2015-10-31ignore dump terminalnobu
2015-10-30fix a typo [ci skip]kazu
2015-10-30* gems/bundled_gems: update to power_assert 0.2.5.ktsj
2015-10-30* gc.c (newobj_slowpath): do not need to use flags hack (commit miss).ko1
2015-10-30explicitly overwrite signal handlingnaruse
2015-10-30* gc.c (heap_get_freeobj_from_next_freepage): not so UNLIKELY.ko1
2015-10-30* gc.c (newobj_slowpath): reduce 1 parameter to use only registersko1
2015-10-30test/fiddle: revert r52384 partiallynobu
2015-10-30set as binary before gsubnaruse
2015-10-30show parent process's signal mask from child processnaruse
2015-10-30Old linux's default hard rlimit_nofile is 1024naruse
2015-10-30use assert_raisenobu
2015-10-30* test/ruby/test_call.rb: added test for safe navigation operator.hsbt
2015-10-30* ChangeLog: fix wrong commit name.hsbt
2015-10-30* vm_method.c: added documentation of protected/private methods.hsbt
2015-10-30variable.c: rb_class_ivar_setnobu
2015-10-30test_object.rb: add more checksnobu
2015-10-30variable.c (generic_ivar_remove): return original valuenormal
2015-10-30test_gc.rb: fix failure messagenobu
2015-10-30show child and parent signal masknaruse
2015-10-30use spawn's option to shorten the codenaruse
2015-10-30variable.c (rb_st_insert_id_and_value): reduce argsnormal
2015-10-30* gems/bundled_gems: update latest gems.hsbt
2015-10-30* lib/rubygems: Update to RubyGems HEAD(60d7972).hsbt
2015-10-29* insns.def (getinlinecache/setinlinecache): compare ic->ic_cref andko1
2015-10-29* vm_insnhelper.c (vm_env_cref): make it inline for performance.ko1
2015-10-29use NULL instead of 0ko1
2015-10-29* insns.def: nobody set ic->ic_value.value to Qundef.ko1
2015-10-29* vm.c: add ifndef guard for VM_CHECK_MODE.ko1
2015-10-29* vm_insnhelper.c (vm_check_frame_detail): should require me forko1
2015-10-29* 2015-10-30svn
2015-10-29show signal mask on solarisnaruse
2015-10-29revert experimental changes related to Solaris CInaruse
2015-10-29* test/ruby/test_io.rb (ruby): check the existence of the constant instead ofusa
2015-10-29fix a typo [ci skip]kazu
2015-10-29* gc.c (gc_mark_ptr): specify NOINLINE so that gc_mark() can returnko1
2015-10-29* encoding.c (rb_enc_check_str): add for performance.ko1
2015-10-29* internal.h: export rb_wb_(un)protected_newobj_of()ko1
2015-10-29gc.c: separate event hook call from newobj_initnobu
2015-10-29* gc.c (rb_imemo_new): should not pass FL_WB_PROTECTED flag.ko1
2015-10-29* gc.c: introduce rb_wb_unprotected_newobj_of() andko1
2015-10-29gc.c: fix UNLIKELY usagenobu