AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2002-09-23* eval.c (rb_call0): must not clear ruby_current_node, ornobu
2002-09-23* (RUBY_MINGW32): new macro. check for the MinGWeban
2002-09-22* eval.c (call_trace_func): should not call trace function whilenobu
2002-09-21commit missnobu
2002-09-21* eval.c (rb_thread_raise): no need to save dead thread context.nobu
2002-09-20literal_append: remove.nobu
2002-09-20* parse.y (block_append): eliminate unused literal nodes.nobu
2002-09-20* lib/set.rb: Merge rough/lib/set.rb rev.1.5-1.15.knu
2002-09-18No exception report when the exception is not specified to catch.nahi
2002-09-17move struct timeval to missing.hmichal
2002-09-17* eval.c (rb_thread_die): put thread dead state.nobu
2002-09-17* eval.c (rb_mod_nesting): load wrapping module should appear inmatz
2002-09-16* io.c: add parameter prototype.aamine
2002-09-15* win32/win32.c (rb_w32_opendir): Corresponds to the unjust path containing ".H_Konishi
2002-09-15* (OUTFLAG, CPPOUTFILE): moved from lib/mkmf.rb.eban
2002-09-14* error.c(rb_sys_fail): remove case EPIPE on bcc32 .H_Konishi
2002-09-13* dir.c (glob_func_caller): add prototype to get rid of warning.nobu
2002-09-13* eval.c (rb_eval): avoid uninitialized global/class variablenobu
2002-09-13Fix-Addons [ruby-core:483] with corrections from [ruby-core:484]michal
2002-09-13* lib/mkmf.rb ($INSTALLFILES): avoid warning when $VERBOSE mode.eban
2002-09-12* bcc32/setup.mak : Control of a message.H_Konishi
2002-09-12* dir.c (glob_helper): should pass matched path. (ruby-bugs-ja:PR#333)nobu
2002-09-12* dir.c (glob_helper): fixed freeing buffer. (ruby-bugs-ja:PR#332)nobu
2002-09-12* dir.c (glob_helper): prevent memory leak using rb_protect().matz
2002-09-11* eval.c (rb_trap_eval): preserve thread status and so on.nobu
2002-09-11* pp.rb (ARGF.pretty_print): implemented.akr
2002-09-11* eval.c (proc_to_s): refined format. [ruby-dev:18215]nobu
2002-09-11* win32/win32.c, win32/win32.h (rb_w32_getpid): negate pid under Win9x.usa
2002-09-11* string.c (get_pat): Add an extra argument "quote".knu
2002-09-11* bcc32/Makefile.sub: remove unnecessary `.dll' from filename ofusa
2002-09-11retry on EINTR, ERESTART and EWOULDBLOCK. [ruby-dev:17855], [ruby-dev:17878]...nobu
2002-09-11* win32/Makefile.sub (ext): make directory `ext' on compile dir.usa
2002-09-11* win32/configure.bat: add CR to end of line.usa
2002-09-10* eval.c (rb_mod_define_method): initialize orig_func too.nobu
2002-09-10* parse.y (nextc): restore line number after here documents.nobu
2002-09-10* lib/mkmf.rb: $hdrdir is $top_srcdir if invoked from extmk.rbeban
2002-09-10* ext/extmk.rb, lib/mkmf.rb ($INCFLAGS): new var for -I$(topdir).eban
2002-09-10* ChangeLog: specify the source.usa
2002-09-10* win32/Makefile.sub (miniruby): shouldn't link $(EXTOBJS).usa
2002-09-09* win32/win32.h (S_I?USR): define only if not mingw32.eban
2002-09-09capa field in RString, and RArray is now LONG (ruby-lang:458)michal
2002-09-09* ext/stringio/stringio.c (strio_set_string): reinitializenobu
2002-09-08* time.c (time_free): prototype; struct time_object -> void *.eban