AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-11-20appveyor.yml: do not undefine everything [ci skip]k0kubun
2018-11-20* properties.svn
2018-11-20appveyor.yml: exclude TestEnumerable.rb on msys2k0kubun
2018-11-20appveyor.yml: native-fiber crashes Enumeratork0kubun
2018-11-20Make coroutine object directory for each archnobu
2018-11-20test/excludes/_appveyor: exclude AppVeyor killerk0kubun
2018-11-20Change ASMEXT to snobu fix Travis i686 buildk0kubun
2018-11-20mjit_worker.c: avoid GC when modifying ISeqk0kubun
2018-11-20Fix conditionnobu
2018-11-20Make fiber_entry staticnobu
2018-11-20Fix typo and make directorynobu
2018-11-20Support Visual C++ (mswin)samuel
2018-11-20Fix windows builds.samuel
2018-11-20* properties.svn
2018-11-20GAS style assembly for win64 (mingw).samuel
2018-11-20Expose stack functions to coroutine and non-windows implementations.samuel
2018-11-20Fix exposure of stack allocations.samuel
2018-11-20Use malloc/free for windows stack allocation.samuel
2018-11-20Fix struct usage.samuel
2018-11-20Fix message result.samuel
2018-11-20Fix typo.samuel
2018-11-20Fix line endings.samuel
2018-11-20Initial support for x64-mingw32samuel
2018-11-20Better (?) support for Windows TIB.samuel
2018-11-20Be even more specific, for some reason it was selecting amd64 on x64-mingw32.samuel
2018-11-20Limit coroutine implementations to Linux.samuel
2018-11-20Tidy up assembly make rule.samuel
2018-11-20Expose dependency between cont.c and coroutine implementation.samuel
2018-11-20* expand tabs.svn
2018-11-20Prefer "static inline" to avoid duplicate symbols.samuel
2018-11-20Remove trailing whitespace.samuel
2018-11-20Rename fiber chain benchmark.samuel
2018-11-20Restore native non-coroutine code path.samuel
2018-11-20Formatting changes.samuel
2018-11-20Ensure start function has correct declaration.samuel
2018-11-20Try using compiler for assembling.samuel
2018-11-20Print out what the assembler is doing to figure out why it's not working.samuel
2018-11-20Mark COROUTINE as noreturn.samuel
2018-11-20* remove trailing spaces.svn
2018-11-20Remove `Benchmark` times.samuel
2018-11-20Tidy up comments.samuel
2018-11-20* properties.svn
2018-11-20* expand tabs.svn
2018-11-20Initial effort to support 32-bit Linux.samuel
2018-11-20It cannot be const because it is being passed to destructive operation (destr...samuel
2018-11-20Better benchmark name.samuel
2018-11-20* remove trailing spaces.svn
2018-11-20Fix broken benchmarksamuel
2018-11-20* remove trailing spaces.svn