AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-02-05* doc/security.rdoc: Grammatical error on security guidezzak
2013-02-05* properties.nobu
2013-02-05* lib/racc/parser.rb: Update #do_parse and #yyparse from upstreamzzak
2013-02-05* lib/racc: Merge Racc documentation downstream, add grammar ref filezzak
2013-02-04* lib/irb.rb, lib/irb/ext/save-history.rb: Add documentation on how tozzak
2013-02-04* lib/irb.rb, lib/irb/context.rb: Add documentation on how to enablezzak
2013-02-04* doc/standard_library.rdoc: Document list of libraries and extensionszzak
2013-02-04* ext/json/lib/json.rb: Move module overview definition for rdoczzak
2013-02-04* 2013-02-05svn
2013-02-04* lib/tracer.rb: Move class overview definition and reformatzzak
2013-02-04io-console.gemspec: 0.4.1nobu
2013-02-04io-console.gemspec: limit date lengthnobu
2013-02-04io-console.gemspec: updatenobu
2013-02-04init.c: declaration-after-statementnobu
2013-02-04console.c: initializenobu
2013-02-04* vm_dump.c (control_frame_dump): capitalize prefix of `ep'ko1
2013-02-04English.rb: no setnobu
2013-02-04fix a typokazu
2013-02-03* lib/English.rb: Add English module for RDoc to parse, thenzzak
2013-02-03* 2013-02-04svn
2013-02-03* lib/yaml.rb (YAML::EngineManager): Documentation for #yamler andzzak
2013-02-03* ext/io/console/io-console.gemspec: fix date.nobu
2013-02-03io-console.gemspec: bumpnobu
2013-02-03test_io_console.rb: descriptive assertionsnobu
2013-02-03console.c: fix unit of minnobu
2013-02-03* properties.nobu
2013-02-03* properties.nobu
2013-02-03* doc/security.rdoc: add first cut at a Ruby security documentcharliesome
2013-02-03* random.c: Document range argument for Kernel#rand.zzak
2013-02-03* numeric.c: Document Float constants [ruby-core:51484] [Bug #7709]zzak
2013-02-03profiler.rb: block callsnobu
2013-02-03* 2013-02-03svn
2013-02-03profiler.rb: split PROFILE_PROCnobu
2013-02-02* lib/minitest/mock.rb, lib/minitest/hell.rb: nodoc top-level modulezzak
2013-02-02* lib/debug.rb: Documentation for DEBUGGER__ class methods based onzzak
2013-02-02* lib/net/smtp.rb: Fix rdoc title for Net::SMTPzzak
2013-02-02* lib/net/pop.rb: Fix rdoc title for Net::POP3zzak
2013-02-02* lib/gserver.rb (GServer#start): fix a timing issue. patch frommame
2013-02-02* lib/fileutils.rb (copy_entry, wrap_traverse): preserve attributes ofmame
2013-02-02* lib/uri/ftp.rb (URI::FTP.new2): nodoc method from r39013 [Bug #7301]zzak
2013-02-02* lib/uri/ftp.rb (URI::FTP.new2): remove the rdoc because it is notmame
2013-02-02* ChangeLog: Forgot to add a reference to the ChangeLog of themame
2013-02-02* lib/fileutils.rb: chmod/chmod_R with a string mode (e.g., "+x")mame
2013-02-02* lib/English.rb: Remove some confusing words from rdoc. [Bug #7406]mame
2013-02-02* NEWS: add keyword arguments.ktsj
2013-02-01* proc.c (proc_curry): Fix arity check [Bug #5747]marcandre
2013-02-01* proc.c: Add {*}_min_max_arity and refactor.marcandre
2013-02-01* 2013-02-02svn
2013-02-01* marshal.c: add security considerations to marshal overview, refer tocharliesome
2013-02-01* array.c (rb_ary_dup): make returned array the same class as the originalcharliesome