AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2008-02-10 * lib/rdoc/code_objects.rb: Make some attributes accessible for reuse.drbrain
2008-02-09* missing/tgamma.c (tgamma): use lgamma_r if available.akr
2008-02-09* ext/bigdecimal/extconf.rb: simplified the condition.nobu
2008-02-09* test/ruby/test_math.rb: add tests for Math#gamma, Math#lgamma andmame
2008-02-09fix typos.akr
2008-02-09* math.c (math_cbrt): new method Math.cbrt.akr
2008-02-09* ext/bigdecimal/bigdecimal.c (BigDecimal_to_f): use strtod() for morenobu
2008-02-09* missing/tgamma.c (tgamma): add error check.akr
2008-02-09* math.c (math_gamma): add error check.akr
2008-02-09fix a typo.akr
2008-02-09* missing/xlgamma_r.c (lgamma_r): return HUGE_VAL for non-positiveakr
2008-02-09* string.c (rb_str_new4): copy encoding from orig, instead of sharedakr
2008-02-08* file.c (lchmod_internal): fix warning cast from pointer to integer ofnaruse
2008-02-08* lib/irb.rb (IRB::Irb::eval_input): rescues Interrupt and other thannobu
2008-02-08* missing/lgamma_r.c (lgamma_r): use smaller argument for sin function.akr
2008-02-08* lib/open-uri.rb (OpenURI.open_http): rescue URI::InvalidURIError byakr
2008-02-08* ext/iconv/iconv.c (rb_str_derive): uses rb_str_subseq() for bytenobu
2008-02-08* ext/iconv/iconv.c (iconv_convert): added toidx argument to setnobu
2008-02-08add a test.akr
2008-02-08* lib/mkmf.rb (xsystem): expand macros like as make.nobu
2008-02-08add a test.akr
2008-02-08* lib/rdoc/ri/driver.rb (read_yaml): remove SM* for compatibility.naruse
2008-02-07* test/ruby/test_hash.rb: follow the change of Hash#flatten.mame
2008-02-07* string.c (rb_str_replace): makes frozen shared string beforenobu
2008-02-07* string.c (rb_str_dup): reverted unneeded change. [ruby-dev:33634]nobu
2008-02-07* io.c (io_reopen): don't change access mode for stdin, stdout andakr
2008-02-07* string.c (str_replace_shared): replaces string with sharing.nobu
2008-02-07* string.c (rb_str_end_with): compares with the suffix.nobu
2008-02-07* enc/trans/korean.c: add support for CP949 by Park Ji-In. [ruby-dev:33626]naruse
2008-02-07* missing/tgamma.c, missing/lgamma_r.c: set properties.nobu
2008-02-07fix lgamma doc.akr
2008-02-07 * missing/lgamma_r.c (lgamma_r): some compilers don't permit dividingusa
2008-02-07fix typos.akr
2008-02-07* math.c (math_gamma): new method Math.gamma.akr
2008-02-07* ChangeLog: date format. suppress the day of month by space instead of `0'.usa
2008-02-07* ext/nkf/nkf-utf8/nkf.c (nkf_enc_from_index): BINARY does notmatz
2008-02-06* enc/trans/korean.c: add EUC-KR conversion support by Park Ji-In.naruse
2008-02-05typo fixedmatz
2008-02-05* hash.c (rb_hash_flatten): do not flatten recursively by default.matz
2008-02-05* insns.def: sorry, remove debug code.usa
2008-02-05 * insns.def (adjuststack): never use INC_SP with minus value becauseusa
2008-02-05* test/ruby/test_hash.rb: add tests to achieve over 90% test coveragemame
2008-02-05* hash.c (env_rassoc): remove access to free'd environment on mswin32.mame
2008-02-05* vm.c (rb_call_super): pass a passed block when super is called viamame
2008-02-05* lib/mkmf.rb (INSTALL_DIRS, install_dirs): added BINDIR.nobu
2008-02-04* lib/delegate.rb (DelegateClass): use define_method instead ofnobu
2008-02-04* (darwin): NSIG is not defined if _XOPEN_SOURCE > 500L.nobu
2008-02-04* ChangeLog: remove unnecessary ``trunk/''.usa
2008-02-04* trunk/parse.y (rb_enc_symname2_p): support "!", "!=" and "!~".nobu
2008-02-04 * lib/delegate.rb (Delegator.preserved, DelegateClass.methods): extendusa