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2008-03-21* lib/resolv.rb (Resolv::Hosts): should not use win32/resolv on cygwin.nobu
2008-03-21* lib/ipaddr.rb: Say that I am the current maintainer.knu
2008-03-21* eval.c (rb_obj_instance_eval): invalid comment syntax.nobu
2008-03-21* instruby.rb (open_for_install): write block result and rewrite onlynobu
2008-03-20* rational.c (nurat_to_f): C99.nobu
2008-03-20* test/ruby/test_rational2.rb: set property.nobu
2008-03-20* complex.c (nucomp_sub, nucomp_expt): call corresponding functions.mame
2008-03-20* missing/tgamma.c: include config.h before math.h. [ruby-dev:34075]mame
2008-03-20* io.c (argf_getline): use receiver.nobu
2008-03-19* io.c: removed trailing blanks.nobu
2008-03-19* io.c (argf_initialize_copy): get rid of segfault.nobu
2008-03-19* io.c (argf_tell, argf_seek_m, argf_set_pos, argf_rewind,nobu
2008-03-19* io.c (rb_io_putc, rb_io_puts): ouput directly if the reciever isnobu
2008-03-19added rb_gcd.tadf
2008-03-19added an assertion.tadf
2008-03-19* eval_intern.h (TH_EXEC_TAG): need not to FLUSH_REGISTER_WINDOWS.matz
2008-03-19* complex.c (nucomp_to_s, nucomp_inspect): get rid of makingnobu
2008-03-19* bignum.c (rb_cstr_to_inum): treat successive underscores asnobu
2008-03-19* encoding.c (enc_check_encoding): should not load autoloaded encodingnobu
2008-03-19 * regint.h (include): include ruby.h instead of defines.h and config.h.usa
2008-03-19* regint.h (CHECK_INTERRUPT_IN_MATCH_AT): add interrupt checkmatz
2008-03-18* parse.y (literal_concat_gen): bail out at different encoding.nobu
2008-03-17* re.c (rb_memsearch_ss): simple shift search.naruse
2008-03-17* array.c (rb_ary_take, rb_ary_take_while, rb_ary_drop,mame
2008-03-17* misc/ruby-mode.el (ruby-mode): should use `run-mode-hooks' insteadnobu
2008-03-17* unset GREP_OPTIONS. [ruby-core:15918]nobu
2008-03-17* golf_prelude.rb (Object.const_missing): fixed typo.nobu
2008-03-17* complex.c rational.c: set property.nobu
2008-03-16Sun Mar 16 18:07:07 2008 Martin Duerst <>duerst
2008-03-16* (LIBRUBY_SO): add dependency to $(BUILTIN_ENCOBJS).naruse
2008-03-16edited comments.tadf
2008-03-16both complex and rational are now builtin classes.tadf
2008-03-15* encoding.c (rb_enc_associate_index): pass unnecessary enc_capable().matz
2008-03-14* lib/cgi.rb (CGI::Cookie::initialize): performance patch frommatz
2008-03-14* include/ruby/ruby.h (inttypes.h): includes always if available.nobu
2008-03-14* (RUBY_LIB_PREFIX): fix for prefix.nobu
2008-03-14* (RUBY_LIB_PREFIX): use libdir.nobu
2008-03-14* ext/digest/defs.h: inttypes.h is still needed.nobu
2008-03-14* numeric.c (flo_divmod): remvoed unused variable.nobu
2008-03-14 * {bcc,win}32/Makefile.sub: follow below changes.usa
2008-03-14* misc/ruby-mode.el (ruby-encoding-map, ruby-use-encoding-map): addednobu
2008-03-14* (int8_t, uint8_t, int16_t, uint16_t int32_t,naruse
2008-03-14* (RUBY_CHECK_VARTYPE): should not indent preprocessornobu
2008-03-14* string.c (UNALIGNED_WORD_ACCESS): IA64 cannot access unaligned word.nobu
2008-03-13* bootstraptest/test_struct.rb: set property.nobu
2008-03-13* bootstraptest/test_struct.rb: some test moved from test to shutmatz
2008-03-13* array.c (rb_ary_slice_bang): should not use rb_ary_subseq()matz