AgeCommit message (Expand)Author template for verconf.hnobu
2013-05-16generic_erb.rb: --source optionnobu verconf.h for parallel buildnobu
2013-05-15* ext/psych/lib/psych/visitors/yaml_tree.rb: fix syntax error.tenderlove
2013-05-15* gc.c (rb_node_newnode): use newobj_of() instead of rb_newobj().ko1
2013-05-15* ChangeLog: revert the line accidentally removed at r40763.nobu
2013-05-15* ext/socket/depend: Add a dependency for ifaddr.o.akr
2013-05-15yaml_tree.rb: fix warning messagenobu verconf.h dependencynobu, Makefile.sub: fix build failure on mswinnobu
2013-05-15* ext/psych/lib/psych/visitors/yaml_tree.rb: only emit warnings whentenderlove
2013-05-15* 2013-05-16svn
2013-05-15revert r40760nobu
2013-05-15* remove trailing spaces.nobu
2013-05-15* gc.c (newobj): rename to `newobj_of' and accept additionalko1 move RUBY_PLATFORM to config.hnobu
2013-05-15* (verconf.h): fix dependency.nobu
2013-05-15* gc.c: add an additional RGENGC_PROFILE mode (2).ko1
2013-05-15vm.c: suppress warningsnobu
2013-05-15vm_eval.c: suppress warningnobu shvar_to_cpp in rubynobu
2013-05-15loadpath.c: splitnobu escapenobu
2013-05-15ifchange: --keep optionnobu
2013-05-14* ext/psych/lib/psych/visitors/yaml_tree.rb: adding backwardstenderlove
2013-05-14* ChangeLog: remove incorret lines of r40668.nagachika
2013-05-14* properties.nobu
2013-05-14* ext/psych/lib/psych.rb: Adding Psych.safe_load for loading a usertenderlove
2013-05-14* test/psych/helper.rb: envutil is not available outside Ruby, sotenderlove
2013-05-14changing variable nametenderlove
2013-05-14* ChangeLog: typo.usa
2013-05-14* 2013-05-15svn
2013-05-14* signal.c: need to include unistd.h for write(2).usa
2013-05-14* ext/socket/.document: Add ifaddr.c.akr
2013-05-14ruby.h: fix typonobu
2013-05-14socket: fix build error and warnings on mingwnobu
2013-05-14Update doc.akr
2013-05-14* ext/dl/lib/dl/func.rb (DL::Function#call): check tainted whennagachika
2013-05-14fix a typokazu
2013-05-14Add NEWS about Kernel#singleton_method r40684 [Feature #8391]naruse
2013-05-14iphlpapi is unavailable with older VCnobu
2013-05-14parse.y: fix argument typenobu
2013-05-14win32.h: fix for VC9nobu
2013-05-14* win32/win32.c (NET_LUID): mingw may have NET_LUID and not definedusa
2013-05-14* remove trailing spaces.nobu
2013-05-14fix a typo and remove "file (func):" only duplicated of upper entrykazu
2013-05-13* string.c (rb_str_new_frozen): remove debug print.ko1
2013-05-13* include/ruby/ruby.h: enable to generate write barrier protectedko1
2013-05-13* include/ruby/ruby.h: enable to generate write barrier protectedko1
2013-05-13* include/ruby/ruby.h: enable to generate write barrier protectedko1