AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2009-03-13* ext/socket/init.c (wait_connectable0): remove unreachable code.akr
2009-03-13* (RUBY_CHECK_SIZEOF): pass [include] to AC_CHECK_SIZEOF.akr
2009-03-13* dln.c (dln_find_1): compare fspace in size_t world.akr
2009-03-13* (CFLAGS, CXXFLAGS): moved after warnflags.nobu
2009-03-13* vm_eval.c (rb_throw_obj): inverted call flow. [ruby-core:22872]nobu
2009-03-13* include/ruby/ruby.h (bool): not define to get rid of conflictnobu
2009-03-13* ext/openssl/openssl_missing.h (i2d_of_void): cast for callbacks.nobu
2009-03-13* ext/openssl/ossl_x509ext.c (ossl_x509ext_set_value): should usenobu
2009-03-13* class.c: fixed indent.nobu
2009-03-13* (AC_HEADER_DIRENT): added.nobu
2009-03-13* (struct stat.st_size): may be huge.nobu
2009-03-13* bignum.c (bigfixize): zero length Bignum is 0.nobu
2009-03-12* util.c (rv_strdup): macro to duplicate nul-terminated string.nobu
2009-03-12* ext/openssl: suppress warnings.akr
2009-03-12 * win32/Makefile.sub (WARNFLAGS): warning 4996 is only in VC++8 orusa
2009-03-12* ext/openssl/ossl_ssl.c (ossl_ssl_def_const): use INT2NUM becauseakr
2009-03-12* io.c (nogvl_copy_stream_read_write, copy_stream_body): use size_t.nobu
2009-03-12* array.c, bignum.c, dln.c, error.c, gc.c, io.c, marshal.c,nobu
2009-03-12* marshal.c (div0), numeric.c (infinite_value): new functions tonobu
2009-03-12* vm.c (rb_vm_get_sourceline), vm_insnhelper.c (vm_throw): usenobu
2009-03-12* st.c: use st_index_t for indexes instead of int.nobu
2009-03-12* (RUBY_CHECK_SIZEOF): if same size type is found, nonobu
2009-03-12* transcode_data.h: suppress warnings of overflow.akr
2009-03-12* include/ruby/encoding.h: suppress warnings of overflow.akr
2009-03-11* (warnflags): added some default flags,nobu
2009-03-11* (RUBY_CHECK_HUGE): checks whether a value range isnobu
2009-03-11* io.c (copy_stream_fallback_body): off_t may be larger than long.nobu
2009-03-11* iseq.c (rb_iseq_disasm): RSTRING_LEN() returns long.nobu
2009-03-11* process.c (rb_f_sleep): time() needs time_t.nobu
2009-03-11* random.c (fill_random_seed): enclosed conditionally usednobu
2009-03-11* thread_pthread.c (ruby_init_stack): range of rlim_cur may benobu
2009-03-11* missing/vsnprintf.c (BSD_vfprintf): commented out code which hasnobu
2009-03-11use argument only if it is absolute path.akr
2009-03-11* strip spaces from ruby_version.akr
2009-03-11* dir.c (dir_seek): use long for seekdir().nobu
2009-03-11* tool/ytab.sed: replaces backslashes with slash for nmake.nobu
2009-03-11* time.c (time_mload): don't clear tm_mday.akr
2009-03-11* ext/dl/handle.c (rb_dlhandle_sym): RTLD_NEXT is not for symbolnobu
2009-03-11* test/dl/test_base.rb: decide dll name of MSVCRT from RUBY_SO_NAME on native...usa
2009-03-11 * ext/dl/win32/lib/Win32API.rb: call by :stdcall as default.usa
2009-03-11* ChangeLog: mentiond about SUSv3.nobu
2009-03-11* parse.y (stack_type): uses VALUE which is able to be storednobu
2009-03-11* win32/win32.c (init_env): set TMPDIR if none of TMPDIR, TMP,nobu
2009-03-11* win32/win32.c (rb_w32_telldir, rb_w32_seekdir): should use long.nobu
2009-03-11* ext/dl/handle.c (rb_dlhandle_sym): moved conditinally used variable.nobu
2009-03-11* ext/dl/handle.c (rb_dlhandle_sym): fixed heap corruption.nobu
2009-03-10* ruby.c (ruby_init_loadpath_safe): expands libpath and removesnobu
2009-03-10* time.c (time_to_i, time_hash): time_t may be bigger than longnobu
2009-03-10* win32/win32.c: suppress warnings. based on a patch from Charlienobu
2009-03-10* signal.c (sig_trap): suppress warnings.nobu