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2016-05-28git-svn-id: svn+ssh:// b2dd03c8-39d4-4d8f-98...duerst
2016-05-28* 2016-05-28svn
2016-05-28* lib/cgi/util.rb: added to missing quote.hsbt
2016-05-27fix a typo [ci skip]kazu
2016-05-27process.c: [DOC] Process.abort [ci skip]nobu
2016-05-27variable.c: hidden constantsnobu
2016-05-27transcode.c: scrub in the given encodingnobu
2016-05-27fix non-static rb_scan_argsnobu
2016-05-27ruby.h: fix parameter namenobu
2016-05-26* symbol.c (is_identchar): use ISDIGIT instead of rb_enc_isalnum.naruse
2016-05-26* 2016-05-27svn
2016-05-26ruby.h: fix for old clangnobu
2016-05-26openssl: avoid NULL dereference in {DH,DSA,RSA}_size()rhe
2016-05-26ruby.h: suppress warningsnobu
2016-05-26ruby.h: count and verifynobu
2016-05-26revert r55171nobu
2016-05-26ruby.h: fix clang warningsnobu
2016-05-26* properties.svn
2016-05-26* remove trailing spaces.svn
2016-05-26* test/ruby/enc/test_case_comprehensive.rb: Add set of comprehensiveduerst
2016-05-25* 2016-05-26svn
2016-05-25* class.c (rb_define_class): Fix documentation.eregon
2016-05-25* re.c (unescape_nonascii): scan hex up to only 3 characters.naruse
2016-05-25* enc/unicode.c: Handle DOTLESS_i by hand because it isn't involved in folding.duerst
2016-05-25* regparse.c (fetch_token_in_cc): raise error if given octal escapednaruse
2016-05-25openssl: drop OpenSSL 0.9.6/0.9.7 supportrhe
2016-05-25openssl: remove unnecessary 'extern "C"' blocks from local headersrhe
2016-05-25openssl: remove check of OPENSSL_FIPS macro in extconf.rbrhe
2016-05-25class.c: simplifynobu
2016-05-25ruby.h: rb_scan_args_validatenobu
2016-05-25regcomp.c: fix debug conditionalsnobu
2016-05-25fake.rb: buildlibdirnobu
2016-05-25* regcomp.c: remove condition for debug output because preludenaruse
2016-05-25* regcomp.c (compile_length_tree): return error code immediatelynaruse
2016-05-24* enc/unicode.c: Fix flag error for switch from titlecase to lowercase.duerst
2016-05-24openssl: add EC.generaterhe
2016-05-24openssl: rename EC#generate_key to EC#generate_key!rhe
2016-05-24ruby.h: optimize rb_scan_args_setnobu
2016-05-24* 2016-05-25svn merge ruby_cflags to XCFLAGSnobu
2016-05-24Remove a space [ci skip]kazu
2016-05-24openssl: make Cipher#key= and #iv= reject too long valuesrhe
2016-05-24openssl: avoid deprecated M_ASN1_* macrosrhe
2016-05-24ruby.h: rb_scan_args_verifynobu
2016-05-24defines.h: fallback ERRORFUNC and WARNINGFUNCnobu
2016-05-24* (ruby_cflags): separate from optflags [Bug #12409]naruse
2016-05-24fix missing argumentnobu
2016-05-24fix __error__ and __warning__ attribute checksnobu
2016-05-24* 2016-05-24svn
2016-05-24 * : sort lines, and add missing dependencies suggestedshyouhei