AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2008-04-07* bootstraptest/test_autoload.rb: tests for [ruby-dev:34268].nobu
2008-04-07* load.c (rb_provided): check expanded path for relative pathnobu
2008-04-07trivial change.tadf
2008-04-07 * numeric.c: cancelled recent changes (except to remove rdiv).tadf
2008-04-07* ignores all libruby stuffs.nobu
2008-04-07* encoding.c (enc_init_db): moved to enc/encdb.c.nobu
2008-04-07* bootstraptest/test_knownbug.rb: add a known-bug.ko1
2008-04-07* range.c (range_each_func): should not leave a variablenobu
2008-04-06* string.c (rb_str_intern): need not to check if tainted.matz
2008-04-06* bignum.c (rb_cmpint): moved from compar.c, to check bignummatz
2008-04-06* tool/compile_prelude.rb: allows extra suffix after .c.nobu
2008-04-06* lib/cmath.rb: set properties.nobu
2008-04-06* dir.c (dir_tell): check if closed. [ruby-core:16223]nobu
2008-04-05lib/complex.rb depends lib/cmath.rb.tadf
2008-04-05 * lib/cmath.rb: new.tadf
2008-04-04* lib/rdoc/parsers/parse_rb.rb: Fix uninitialized variable warnings.drbrain
2008-04-04* re.c (rb_memsearch_qs): wrong boundary condition.naruse
2008-04-04* re.c (rb_memsearch_qs): wrong boundary condition. a patch frommatz
2008-04-03* lib/net/pop.rb (Net::POP3::do_finish): clear @n_mails andmatz
2008-04-03* numeric.c (num_quo): RDoc updated.matz
2008-04-03* bignum.c (Init_Bignum): rdiv method removed. [ruby-dev:34242]matz
2008-04-03 * complex.c (nucomp_int_check): function for DRY real check.tadf
2008-04-03* range.c (range_include): add RDoc to describe that comparisonmatz
2008-04-03* insns.def (defineclass): check if cbase is a class or a module.nobu
2008-04-03 * (INSNS): add
2008-04-03* (golf_prelude.c): needs .new.nobu
2008-04-03* (endb.h, transdb.h, prelude.c): depend on $(PREP) andnobu
2008-04-03*,,, {win32,bcc32}/Makefile.subnobu
2008-04-03* compile.c (iseq_set_sequence, iseq_insns_unification,nobu
2008-04-02* (cflags): expand at compile time.nobu
2008-04-02* numeric.c (num_rdiv): should always return rational number.matz
2008-04-02* rational.c (nurat_int_check): function for DRY integer check.matz
2008-04-01* .gdbinit (rp): supports rational and complex numbers. it'smatz
2008-04-01* include/ruby/node.h: add new constants for rb_call()'s scope.matz
2008-04-01* rational.c: need to include <float.h> just once.matz
2008-04-01* bignum.c (big2dbl): more precise conversion at edge cases.nobu
2008-04-01* get rid of empty expansion.nobu
2008-04-01* quoted.nobu
2008-04-01* _setjmp is available but _longjmp is not on mingw.nobu
2008-04-01* {lib,test}/rubygems: set eol-style.nobu
2008-04-01 * {bcc,win}32/Makefile (config.h): need to define RUBY_SETJMP, etc.usa
2008-03-31Remove test file that was removed in RubyGems 1.1.0drbrain
2008-03-31Import RubyGems 1.1.0drbrain
2008-03-31* __builtin_setjmp cannot handle a variable.nobu
2008-03-31* (RUBY_SETJMP, RUBY_LONGJMP, RUBY_JMP_BUF): prefersnobu
2008-03-31* lib/resolv.rb (Resolv::Config.default_config_hash): requiresnobu
2008-03-31adopted the ruby's style.tadf
2008-03-31* numeric.c (num_quo): should convert its operand to Rational.matz
2008-03-31 * {bcc,win}32/Makefile.sub (config.h): define ssize_t.usa