AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-12-15* expand tabs.svn
2018-12-15Merge nkf v2.1.5naruse
2018-12-15use System Monitor Control for spec of Win32OLE.suke
2018-12-15test/lib/test/unit.rb: do not propagate MAKEFLAGS to childrennormal
2018-12-14* 2018-12-15svn
2018-12-14proc.c: [DOC] fix typosstomar
2018-12-14Move autoload to toplevelnaruse
2018-12-14fix r66163naruse
2018-12-14* remove trailing spaces. [ci skip]svn
2018-12-14tweak syntax of Proc documentation [ci skip]duerst
2018-12-14Suppress deprecation warningsnobu
2018-12-14NEWS: Fix description of [ci skip]mrkn
2018-12-14No document of Tempfile::Remover [ci skip]nobu
2018-12-14* properties.svn
2018-12-14Import bigdecimal-1.4.0.pre.20181214amrkn
2018-12-14separte NULL and EMPTY check.ko1
2018-12-14Suppress uninitialized instance variable warningsnobu
2018-12-14rename li_table->ar_table (and related names).ko1
2018-12-13time.c: improve docs for Timestomar
2018-12-13NEWS: various fixesstomar
2018-12-13re.c: [DOC] fix typosstomar
2018-12-13* 2018-12-14svn
2018-12-13proc.c: [DOC] fix typosstomar
2018-12-13Install script of default gems as is to its libexec dirusa
2018-12-13[DOC] Fix typos [ci skip]kazu
2018-12-13thread_pthread.c (native_ppoll_sleep): drop ubf_select referencesnormal
2018-12-13thread_pthread.c (native_sleep): sched_yield if GVL uncontendednormal
2018-12-13use :chdir option to avoid fd 3 to work with Windows.akr
2018-12-13thread_pthread.c (gvl_release_common): constify return valuenormal
2018-12-13test_win32ole_event.rb: retry random failurek0kubun
2018-12-13Separate RSTRING_PTR from a function callnobu
2018-12-13Don't increment `code_index`tenderlove
2018-12-12string.c: [DOC] fix typosstomar
2018-12-12range.c: [DOC] fix typostomar
2018-12-12range.c: Typo fix [DOC] [ci skip] [#15405]marcandre
2018-12-12* properties.svn
2018-12-12Add test cases of rb_arithmetic_sequence_extractmrkn
2018-12-12NEWS: Mention (1...) in addition to (1..) [DOC]marcandre
2018-12-12range.c: Documentation on endless ranges.marcandre
2018-12-12skip a test.ko1
2018-12-12param.flags.has_kw flag should be FALSE before setting param.keyword.ko1
2018-12-12restore `catch_except_p` flag.ko1
2018-12-12* 2018-12-13svn
2018-12-12remove `compiled_` prefix. [Feature #15287]ko1
2018-12-12Added entry of Psych.hsbt
2018-12-12Revise Date#hour, #min, #secnobu
2018-12-12test/test_open3.rb: skip a fd redirection test on windowsmame
2018-12-12complex.c: new APIs for Complexnobu
2018-12-12complex.c: rb_complex_new_polarnobu
2018-12-12Bump version to 1.3.0 same as the latest version of