AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-11-26* test/coverage/test_coverage.rb: Added test-case for Coverage.restart.hsbt
2015-11-26* test/coverage/test_coverage.rb: Added test-case for Coverage.peek_resulthsbt
2015-11-25* 2015-11-26svn
2015-11-25test/openssl/test_ssl.rb (test_copy_stream): new testnormal
2015-11-25io.c: try to_io firstnobu
2015-11-25iseq.h: rename membernobu
2015-11-25add NEWS entry about --debug=frozen-string-literalko1 color to ifchangenobu
2015-11-25test_objectspace.rb: missing tests from rubyspecnobu
2015-11-25* io.c (argf_getpartial): should not resize str if the secondshugo
2015-11-24* 2015-11-25svn
2015-11-24* On Solaris, it is safe to define _LARGEFILE_SOURCEngoto
2015-11-24fix a typo [ci skip]kazu
2015-11-24parse.y: ripper for warningsnobu
2015-11-24parse.y: fix dispatch_scan_eventnobu
2015-11-24* lib/rubygems/installer.rb: Fix two double-word typos.hsbt
2015-11-24Drop support for BeOSnobu
2015-11-24internal.h: export rb_gc_for_fdnobu
2015-11-24Add missing punctuation to File docs [ci skip]nobu
2015-11-23Fix Struct#dig issue number [ci skip]nobu
2015-11-23ext/socket/init.c (rsock_accept): handle ENOMEMnormal
2015-11-23use rb_gc_for_fd for more callersnormal
2015-11-23io.c (rb_gc_for_fd): wrapper for retrying FD creationnormal
2015-11-23* 2015-11-24svn
2015-11-23fiddle: release GVL for ffi_callnormal
2015-11-23* On Solaris, with gcc, "-std=iso9899:1999"ngoto
2015-11-23Haiku now best effort supportnobu
2015-11-23* gems/bundled_gems: bump version to minitest-5.8.3hsbt
2015-11-22* 2015-11-23svn
2015-11-22* ChangeLog: fix wrong reference for r52714hsbt
2015-11-22* gc.c (rb_raw_obj_info): fix compile errors when USE_RGENGCodaira
2015-11-22* lib/cmath.rb: methods which has suffix '!' are now deprecated.ngoto
2015-11-22* ext/openssl/ossl.c: fix brew command for installation of openssl.hsbt
2015-11-22* On Solaris, add -D_XOPEN_SOURCE=n only when bothngoto
2015-11-22compile.c: fix positionnobu
2015-11-22compile.c: move logop DCEnobu
2015-11-22compile.c: optimize useless branchesnobu block commentnobu
2015-11-22compile.c: free labels tablenobu
2015-11-22compile.c: use rb_compile_bugnobu
2015-11-22compile.c: use COMPILE_ERRORnobu
2015-11-22compile.c: flush disasmnobu
2015-11-22compile.c: check each stepsnobu
2015-11-21* Add -D_XOPEN_SOURCE=500 (or 600 or 700) on Solarisngoto
2015-11-21* 2015-11-22svn
2015-11-21* test/socket/test_socket.rb (test/socket/test_socket.rb): skip the test when...ngoto
2015-11-21fix a typo [ci skip]kazu
2015-11-21fix typos [ci skip]kazu
2015-11-21ruby.c: --debug=frozen-string-literal optionnobu
2015-11-21ruby.c: fix pointer overrunnobu