AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-06-02test_nonblock.rb: skip if EPROTONOSUPPORTnobu
2015-06-02test/socket/test_nonblock.rb: new test for sendmsg_nonblocknormal
2015-06-02lib/benchmark.rb: just use Process::CLOCK_MONOTONICnormal
2015-06-01fix a typo [ci skip]kazu
2015-06-01fix typokazu
2015-06-01* 2015-06-02svn
2015-06-01fix indent (tabify) [ci skip]kazu
2015-06-01fix a typo [ci skip]kazu
2015-06-01mkmf.rb: split --libsnobu
2015-06-01* gc.c (gc_mark_children): remove a garbage characterko1
2015-06-01* vm_method.c (rb_method_entry_make): do not show warning messageko1
2015-06-01mkmf.rb: logging pkg_confignobu
2015-06-01* internal.h: move class related definitions.ko1
2015-06-01* class.c: remove needless include pragmra for method.h.ko1
2015-06-01test/ruby/test_complex.rb: Add test for CMath.log2gogotanaka
2015-06-01enum.c: [DOC] Fix typo [ci skip][Fix GH-904]gogotanaka
2015-06-01lib/csv.rb: [DOC] Fix typo [ci skip][Fix GH-907]gogotanaka
2015-06-01tkutil.c: fix out-of-bounds accessnobu
2015-05-31ext/date/date_core.c: [DOC] fold long paragraphsnobu
2015-05-31vm_method.c: suppress warningnobu
2015-05-31[DOC] Decrease heading under DateTime [ci skip]zzak
2015-05-31tkutil.c: fix memory leak and segfaultnobu
2015-05-31* eval_intern.h, vm_method.c: move macros to functions.ko1
2015-05-31* ext/date/date_core.c: [DOC] Add comparison of Time and DateTimezzak
2015-05-31* vm_core.h (VM_FRAME_MAGIC_DUMMY): introduce new frame type toko1
2015-05-31* class.c (rb_class_has_methods): added to reduce depenedencyko1
2015-05-31* gc.c , gc.h (rb_obj_info): export obj_info(VALUE) for debugging.ko1
2015-05-31* test/ruby/test_gc.rb: increase timeout seconds for GC stressfulko1
2015-05-31* 2015-06-01svn
2015-05-31tkutil.c: reduce unnecessary buffernobu
2015-05-31test_tempfile.rb: use assert_predicatenobu
2015-05-31test_tempfile.rb: use assert_filenobu
2015-05-30fix indentko1
2015-05-30* method.h: fix typo of comments.ko1
2015-05-30* method.h: add VM_METHOD_TYPE_ALIAS rb_method_definition_t::typeko1
2015-05-30* vm_method.c (rb_unlink_method_entry): make it static.ko1
2015-05-30fix ChangeLog message.ko1
2015-05-30* 2015-05-31svn
2015-05-30* method.h, vm_method.c (rb_free_method_entry): constify a parameter.ko1
2015-05-30* lib/tempfile.rb (Remover#call): fixed wrong condition introduced atusa
2015-05-30ext/socket/ancdata.c: use RB_GC_GUARD instead of volatilenormal
2015-05-30* lib/tempfile.rb (Tempfile#initialize): initialize @unlinked to fixusa
2015-05-30change lingering dtrace probe documentation from function- to method-tenderlove
2015-05-30* lib/tempfile.rb:
2015-05-30* properties.svn
2015-05-30variable.c: avoid compatibility table with generic ivarsnormal
2015-05-30cont.c: Check ruby_current_threadnobu
2015-05-29variable.c: use indices for generic ivarsnormal
2015-05-29* 2015-05-30svn
2015-05-29variable.c: extract common functions for generic ivar indicesnormal