AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-07-29repack structsnobu
2018-07-29mkexports.rb: flip-flopnobu
2018-07-28mjit.c: introduce JIT compaction [experimental]k0kubun
2018-07-28* 2018-07-29svn
2018-07-28win32.c: limit write size on consolenobu
2018-07-28test_function.rb: fix messagesnobu
2018-07-28make-snapshot: fetch from the official git sitenobu
2018-07-28Fix filename in comment [ci skip]kazu
2018-07-28use https:// instead of http://kazu
2018-07-28fix range check for Hangul jamo trailers in Unicode normalizationduerst
2018-07-28always run unicode normalization that do not depend on data fileduerst
2018-07-28update unicode data files directory for normalization testsduerst
2018-07-28use https:// instead of git:// when possiblenormal
2018-07-28thread.c (blocking_region_end): clear ubf before unregister_ubf_listnormal
2018-07-27mjit.c: clean up unit link from iseqk0kubun
2018-07-27Include Hash#size in the examplestenderlove
2018-07-27* 2018-07-28svn
2018-07-27Escape debug output in InvalidURIError exceptions.tenderlove
2018-07-27eval.c: rename "rb_frozen_class_p" to "rb_class_modify_check"mame
2018-07-27mjit.c: keep all .o filesk0kubun
2018-07-27mjit.c: use NOT_COMPILED_JIT_ISEQ_FUNC for unloadedk0kubun
2018-07-27mjit.c: release memory for unloaded unitk0kubun
2018-07-27insns.def: remove old wrong explanation for get/setconstantmame
2018-07-27mjit.c: clarify the intention of setting 0k0kubun
2018-07-27test_jit.rb: test unload_unitsk0kubun
2018-07-27ruby.c: taint ARGV on Windowsnobu
2018-07-26* 2018-07-27svn
2018-07-26lib/ostruct: Remove unnecessary `__send__`marcandre
2018-07-26mjit.c: o -> so is not compilationk0kubun
2018-07-26dir.c: fix glob with base when no DT_UNKNOWNnobu
2018-07-26Add missing escapekazu
2018-07-26process.c: conditionally used functionsnobu
2018-07-26dladdr() is declared with non-const pointer on Solarisnobu
2018-07-26fork() is deprecated on Solarisnobu
2018-07-26cont.c (ec_switch): prevent delayed/missed trap interrupt racenormal
2018-07-26ignore built filesnobu
2018-07-26webrick: Support bcrypt password hashingnormal
2018-07-25test/ruby/test_io.rb (test_select_leak): skip with MJITnormal
2018-07-25[Doc] Recover example about Queuetenderlove
2018-07-25Remove obsolete comment from Module#define_method documentationtenderlove
2018-07-25Fixes the File::CREAT logger documentationtenderlove
2018-07-25* 2018-07-26svn
2018-07-25Add docs to RubyVM::ASTtenderlove
2018-07-25insns.def: s/handles_frame/handles_sp/k0kubun
2018-07-25mjit.c: split build stages for unixk0kubun
2018-07-25mjit.c: completely separate compile_c_to_sok0kubun
2018-07-25mjit.c: prevent memory leak on realloc failurek0kubun
2018-07-25Update latest default gems on maintainers.rdoc and standard_library.rdoc.hsbt
2018-07-25Promote Mutex_m to Default gems.hsbt
2018-07-25* properties.svn