AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2002-04-01* ext/racc/cparse/cparse.c: prototype; call_scaniter().usa
2002-03-29* io.c (io_fflush): DRY patch from /Christoph applied.matz
2002-03-29Changed the regexp again to simplify code. See also [ruby-dev:16682].nahi
2002-03-29* lib/mkmf.rb (create_makefile): default FLAGS to empty strings.nobu
2002-03-29* lib/mkmf.rb (arg_config): should use Shellwords::shellwords likenobu
2002-03-29* win32/README.win32: follow recent changes.usa
2002-03-29Changed regexp for parsing break command '.*?+' to '.+'.nahi
2002-03-28* win32/Makefile.sub (config.status): reflect user defined $CC inusa
2002-03-28* ext/socket/socket.c (sock_addrinfo): should specify socktypematz
2002-03-28* ext/strscan/strscan.c: add taint check.aamine
2002-03-27* io.c (READ_DATA_PENDING): has supported for uClibc,eban
2002-03-27* io.c (rb_io_sysseek): new method based on a patch from Aristarkhmatz
2002-03-26change log update only.aamine
2002-03-26* lib/net/http.rb: HTTP.get accepts URI.aamine
2002-03-26* doc/net/protocol.rd.ja, smtp.rd.ja, pop.rd.ja: removed.aamine
2002-03-26* ext/ (arg_config): should use Shellwords::shellwords.eban
2002-03-26* (FILE_READPTR): check bufread instead of bufend for uClibc.eban
2002-03-26.cvsignore: add autom4te*.cache.eban
2002-03-26* parse.y (primary): while/until statement modifiers to "begin"matz
2002-03-26* win32/mkexports.rb: support VC++.NET.usa
2002-03-26* ext/bigfloat/bigfloat.c: Fix the initializer's function nameknu
2002-03-26* bignum.c (rb_quad_pack): get rid of escape sequences.eban
2002-03-26lib/fileutils.rb addedaamine
2002-03-26* lib/fileutils.rb: new file.aamine
2002-03-25* lib/pp.rb (pp): return nil like p.akr
2002-03-25* ext/bigfloat/extconf.rb: Downcase the module name. (BigFloat.soknu
2002-03-25* (FILE_READPTR): check _p for 4.4BSD.akr
2002-03-25* (FILE_READPTR): new. for IO#gets improvement.nobu
2002-03-25* ext/ (arg_config): get rid of single quotes for autoconf 2.53.eban
2002-03-25* regex.c (mbc_startpos_func): VC6 seems to be unable tonobu
2002-03-25* dir.c (rb_push_glob): local variable 'maxnest' wasnobu
2002-03-25* ext/socket/socket.c (bsock_do_not_rev_lookup_set): should not bematz
2002-03-25* dln.c (dln_argv0): unused unless USE_DLN_A_OUT.nobu
2002-03-25* regex.c (mbc_startpos_func): shoud be static.nobu
2002-03-23D'oh! Convert CR+LF to LF.knu
2002-03-23* util.c (push_element): avoid warning for djgpp.eban
2002-03-22* ext/ replace mkdir with mkpath to compile racc/cparse.aamine
2002-03-22socket.c: oops, half-baked modifies were commited; backoutmatz
2002-03-22add raccrt, strscan entryaamine
2002-03-22* the VMS support patch submitted by Akiyoshi, Masamichimatz
2002-03-22racc runtime imported.aamine
2002-03-22* strscan.c: remove useless #include directiveaamine
2002-03-22import strscan.aamine
2002-03-22net/protocol.rb: Protocol#start should return self.aamine
2002-03-22* lib/resolv.rb: fix arguments to create exceptions.akr
2002-03-22Synchronize with reality. Pick actually existent modules and get ridknu