AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-01-02* ext/bigdecimal: update class method call style from :: to .eregon
2014-01-02* io.c (io_fwrite): freeze converted
2014-01-02mkrunnable.rb: fix DLL path on Windowsnobu
2014-01-01eval.c: extra modifiernobu
2014-01-01dbm.c: yield dup of keystrnobu
2014-01-01* vm_eval.c (method_missing): use ALLOCV_N() instead ofglass
2014-01-01* array.c (rb_ary_zip): use ALLOCV_N() instead of ALLOCA_N().glass
2014-01-01* 2014-01-02svn
2014-01-01* hash.c (rb_hash_keys): make rb_hash_keys()
2014-01-01test_transcode.rb: add messagesnobu LDFLAGS and DLDFLAGS for opt-dirnobu
2014-01-01* 2014-01-01svn use SSE2nobu
2013-12-31eval.c: raise with causenobu
2013-12-31remove HAVE_FSEEKO from win32/win32.carton
2013-12-31* io.c (io_fwrite): allocate frozen str only when str is not
2013-12-31mkmf.rb: fix for 1.8 baserubynobu
2013-12-31mkmf.rb: expand RUBY_SO_NAMEnobu
2013-12-31mkconfig.rb: pass version numbersnobu
2013-12-30* 2013-12-31svn
2013-12-30Add [DOC] tag [ci skip]zzak
2013-12-30* variable.c: Adding extra example in docs. [Bug #9210]ayumin
2013-12-30encoding.c: mask dummy flagsnobu
2013-12-30* 2013-12-30svn
2013-12-30* tool/make-snapshot: needs CXXFLAGS. [ruby-core:59393][Bug #9320]eban
2013-12-29* lib/mkmf.rb (configuration): Make CXXFLAGS customizable.sorah
2013-12-29proc.c: fix inherited method ownernobu
2013-12-28test_sprintf.rb: sprintf with a hash as parameternobu
2013-12-28test_sprintf.rb: sprintf with a hash as parameternobu
2013-12-28vm_insnhelper.c: missing super in method modulenobu
2013-12-28* 2013-12-29svn
2013-12-28* compar.c (cmp_eq_recursive): Fix the return value, the value foreregon
2013-12-28* object.c (Kernel#<=>) surround Comparable operators with <code> tags.eregon
2013-12-28* benchmark/bm_so_meteor_contest.rb: [DOC] Fix a few typoscharliesome
2013-12-27* 2013-12-28svn
2013-12-27parse.y: save cmdarg_stack in local scopenobu
2013-12-27expand-config.rb: expand config valuesnobu
2013-12-27mkconfig.rb: prefer unexpanded valuesnobu
2013-12-27verconf.h.tmpl: renamenobu
2013-12-27* 2013-12-27svn
2013-12-27* win32/{setup.mak,Makefile.sub}: update fake.rb likeusa
2013-12-26* lib/time.rb: [DOC] Fix typoa_matsuda
2013-12-26* win32/Makefile.sub (fake.rb): should depend on version.h becauseusa
2013-12-26hash.c: remove dead codenobu
2013-12-26hash.c: no extra states copynobu
2013-12-26ruby/version.h: bump API versionnobu
2013-12-26* version.h (RUBY_VERSION): 2.2.0 development has started.matz
2013-12-26* ChangeLog: reformatting for the previous commit.usa
2013-12-26* tool/merger.rb (tag): support 2.1.1 semi-automatic tagging and 2.2.0 explic...usa
2013-12-25* proc.c: Having any mandatory keyword argument increases min arity [#9299]marcandre