AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-07-06Local header dependenciesnobu
2016-07-06Ignore -save-temps=obj filesnobu
2016-07-06update-deps: exclude timestampsnobu
2016-07-06update-deps: for clangnobu
2016-07-06probes.dmyh: remove preprocessor directivesnobu
2016-07-06Revert ext/json/parser/prereq.mknobu
2016-07-06Add an assertion.shugo
2016-07-06* lib/net/http/generic_rquest.rb (write_header): A Request-Line mustshugo
2016-07-05* 2016-07-06svn
2016-07-05* lib/net/ftp.rb (putline): raise an ArgumentError whenshugo
2016-07-05* properties.svn
2016-07-05* append newline at EOF.svn
2016-07-05* ext/json/*, test/json/*: Update json-2.0.1.hsbt
2016-07-05* string.c (rb_str_change_terminator_length): New function to changengoto
2016-07-05* 2016-07-05svn
2016-07-05* pack.c (pack_pack): use union instead of bare variable to easenaruse
2016-07-04fix typonaruse
2016-07-04* process.c: define sig_t if not exist.naruse
2016-07-04* 2016-07-04svn
2016-07-04* random.c (random_ulong_limited): avoid left shift count >= width ofnaruse
2016-07-03fix a typo and indent [ci skip]kazu
2016-07-03* test/ruby/enc/test_case_comprehensive.rb, test_regex_casefold.rb,duerst
2016-07-02process.c (disable_child_handler_fork_child): simplifynormal
2016-07-02* 2016-07-03svn
2016-07-02tool: add descriptions and fix typosnormal
2016-07-02* lib/uri/mailto.rb (initialize): RFC3986_Parser#split sets opaquenaruse
2016-07-01* regcomp.c (noname_disable_map): don't optimize out group 0naruse
2016-07-01* string.c: Partially reverts r55547 and r55555.ngoto
2016-07-01* 2016-07-02svn
2016-07-01* string.c (str_fill_term): When termlen increases, re-allocationngoto
2016-07-01fix a typo [ci skip]kazu
2016-07-01* string.c: Specify termlen as far as possible.ngoto
2016-07-01* test/fiddle/test_pointer.rb (test_to_str, test_to_s, test_aref_aset):ngoto
2016-07-01* .gdbinit (rb_ps_thread): show the detail of cfunc in ruby levelnaruse
2016-07-01* string.c (rb_str_subseq, str_substr): When RSTRING_EMBED_LEN_MAXngoto
2016-07-01string.c: Add parentheses to avoid C source code ambiguity. [Bug #12536]ngoto
2016-07-01* .gdbinit (rb_count_objects): added gdb version of count_objects().naruse
2016-06-30* 2016-07-01svn
2016-06-30* .gdbinit (rb_ps_thread): show ruby level backtrace.naruse
2016-06-30* string.c: Fix memory corruptions when using UTF-16/32 strings.ngoto
2016-06-30case-folding.rb: define version numbersnobu
2016-06-30case-folding.rb: check version numbersnobu
2016-06-30test_stringio.rb: reduce retry countnobu
2016-06-30Move unicode tables timestampnobu
2016-06-30Magic numbersnobu
2016-06-30* 2016-06-30svn
2016-06-30Initialize IDnobu
2016-06-29* ext/psych/lib/psych_jars.rb: removed needless file required to JRuby.hsbt
2016-06-29openssl: fix for OpenSSL 1.0.0trhe
2016-06-29fix a typo [ci skip]kazu