AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-05-09extmk.rb: check if parent is buildnobu
2014-05-09extmk.rb: fix extstaticnobu check for setjmp type with CCDLFLAGSnobu
2014-05-09* tool/ fix for neon.usa
2014-05-08* lib/delegate.rb: Fix example of using delegator.ayumin
2014-05-08* lib/shell.rb: add documentation in lib/shell.rbayumin
2014-05-08* lib/fileutils.rb: show fileutils require at top.ayumin
2014-05-08* 2014-05-09svn
2014-05-08* lib/prime.rb (Prime#prime?): negative numbers can't be primesayumin
2014-05-08object.c: no longer copy tables of classes/modulesnobu
2014-05-08class.c: always clear tables firstnobu
2014-05-08* OpenBSD needs to include sys/param.h before includenaruse
2014-05-08webrick/httpserver.rb: Stop handling requests on shutdownnobu
2014-05-07refactored to test Socket and TCPSocket/TCPServer more consistently.akr
2014-05-07* 2014-05-08svn
2014-05-07gc.c: fix argument types for st_foreachnobu
2014-05-07* ext/openssl/lib/openssl/ssl.rb (OpenSSL::SSL::SSLServer#accept):akr
2014-05-07refactoring to extract tcp_pair.akr
2014-05-07numeric.c: check keyword argumentsnobu
2014-05-07numeric.c: merge missnobu
2014-05-07numeric.c: num_step_scan_argsnobu
2014-05-07numeric.c: indentnobu
2014-05-07vm_eval.c: hide intermediate hashnobu
2014-05-07hash.c: make rb_hash_keys externnobu
2014-05-07vm_eval.c: symbol identitynobu
2014-05-07vm_eval.c: valid name IDs onlynobu
2014-05-07vm.c: clear intermediate hashnobu
2014-05-07* benchmark/driver.rb: remove debug output and output results intoko1
2014-05-07* benchmark/driver.rb: add '--rawdata-output=[FILE] option to outputko1
2014-05-07vm_eval.c: exclude hidden variablesnobu
2014-05-07* 2014-05-07svn
2014-05-07rename variablesnobu
2014-05-06missed ref. [ruby-core:60501] [Bug #9486]nobu
2014-05-06parse.y: no duplicated namesnobu
2014-05-06parse.y: remove duplicated namesnobu
2014-05-06parse.y: unused return valuesnobu
2014-05-06* lib/time.rb (Time.make_time): Adjust the time zone of "now".akr
2014-05-06 * io.c (io_{read,write}_nonblock): use rb_get_kwargs instead oftadf
2014-05-06* lib/time.rb (Time.make_time): Argument validation code moved fromakr
2014-05-06eval.c: method namenobu
2014-05-06fix typo [ci skip]kazu
2014-05-06[DOC] Use EST for previous documentation fix.akr
2014-05-06* lib/time.rb (Time.parse): [DOC] Fix an example in the documentation.akr
2014-05-05 * file.c (rb_f_test): removed meaningless "case 'a'".tadf
2014-05-05* lib/open-uri.rb (OpenURI.open_uri): Call StringIO#close only ifakr
2014-05-05* ext/tk/lib/tkextlib/tkDND/tkdnd.rb: fix typo and missing definition.nagai
2014-05-05* benchmark/driver.rb: define File::NULL if not defiend and /dev/nullko1
2014-05-05* 2014-05-06svn
2014-05-05* ext/socket/mkconstants.rb: Add IP_TRANSPARENT.akr