AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-11-28* lib/mkmf.rb: Wrap mkmf.rb in module MakeMakefile to clean up Objectdrbrain
2011-11-28* include/ruby/win32.h (GetCurrentThreadHandle): remove unused API.nagachika
2011-11-28* ChangeLog: fix some typos.nagachika
2011-11-28* 2011-11-29svn
2011-11-28* (INSTRUBY_ARGS): added --mantype to apply mdoc2man.rbyugui
2011-11-28* test/rake/test_rake_directory_task.rbusa
2011-11-28* io.c (rb_write_error2): fwrite() returns ssize_t.nobu
2011-11-28* parse.y (nodetype, nodeline): static. these functions are forusa
2011-11-28* gc.c (initial_params): static. it seems to be forgetten at r33501.usa
2011-11-28* include/ruby/win32.h, win32/win32.c (GetCurrentThreadHandle): removeusa
2011-11-28* win32/mkexports.rb (Exports#initialize): remove old symbol name.usa
2011-11-28* win32/mkexports.rb (Exports#read_substitution): need to readnobu
2011-11-28* io.c (rb_io_flush): release GVL during fsync() on Windows.usa
2011-11-28* include/ruby/subst.h: typo of r33876.usa
2011-11-28* include/ruby/subst.h: moved Windows specific substitions fromnobu
2011-11-28* win32/{Makeilfe.sub,win32.c} (FILE_COUNT, FILE_READPTR): move theusa
2011-11-28* 2011-11-28svn
2011-11-28* win32/win32.c (rb_w32_uchmod): typo. [Bug#5671] [ruby-dev:44898]usa
2011-11-27* added -fno-strict-overflow. it suppress annoyingkosaki
2011-11-27* io.c (rb_write_error2): get rid of warning on linux. fwritekosaki
2011-11-27* (stack_protector): disable on mingw. [Bug#5676]nobu
2011-11-27* (DLDFLAGS): also needs -fstack-protector.nobu
2011-11-27* (-fstack-protector): also needed in DLDFLAGS.nobu
2011-11-27* whitespace-cleanup.nobu
2011-11-27* whitespace-cleanup.nobu
2011-11-27* thread_pthread.c (add_signal_thread_list): suppress warning fornobu
2011-11-27* insns.def (pop): suppress self-assign warning of clang.nobu
2011-11-27* add -fstack-protector into XLDFLAGS as well askosaki
2011-11-27fix typos and minor editkazu
2011-11-27* ext/tk/tcltklib.c (eventloop_sleep): unused.nobu
2011-11-27An address can be negative.naruse
2011-11-27* revert r33832 and r33833. [ruby-core:41313] [Bug #5674]kosaki
2011-11-27* workaround to avoid MacOS X build error.kosaki
2011-11-27Run the test only if /dev/tty exists.naruse
2011-11-26* (--no-undefined): r33840 breaks FreeBSD and DragonFlynaruse
2011-11-26Fix typo in r33849.naruse
2011-11-26* (--no-undefined): r33840 breaks FreeBSD with gcc47.naruse
2011-11-26* lib/net/http.rb (Net::HTTP::SSL_IVNAMES): rerefix 33701.naruse
2011-11-26* 2011-11-27svn
2011-11-26* io.c (copy_stream_body): use 0666 for permission argument for open.akr
2011-11-26* test/openssl/test_engine.rb: remove side effect of generic engineemboss
2011-11-26* lib/net/http.rb (Net::HTTP.get_response): enable use_sslnaruse
2011-11-26* lib/net/http.rb (Net::HTTP::SSL_ATTRIBUTES): refix 33701.naruse
2011-11-26* .travis.yml (script): should be ./configureshyouhei
2011-11-26* .travis.yml (before_script): wrong name, sorry.shyouhei
2011-11-26* .travis.yml (before-script): autoconf required.shyouhei
2011-11-26* .travis.yml: Travis enable.shyouhei
2011-11-26* ext/openssl/extconf.rb: remove checks for available functions.emboss
2011-11-26* ext/openssl/ossl_ssl.c: add comment on where to find implementationemboss
2011-11-25* 2011-11-26svn