AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-02-04test_rinda.rb: increase timeout for --jit-wait CIk0kubun separate -std=gnu99 conditionnobu
2019-02-04Show proper location for warning [Feature #15575]nobu
2019-02-04Update requirementsusa
2019-02-04check and show a warning for incorrect yield.ko1
2019-02-04For this may be a syntax error (instead of LocalJumpError) in Ruby 2.7ko1
2019-02-04add debug codeko1
2019-02-03io.c: get src_size from stp. Fix
2019-02-03* 2019-02-04svn
2019-02-03io.c: reuse results of fstat(2) in copy functionsglass
2019-02-02Fixup r66984. Update the location of bundler gemspec.hsbt
2019-02-02README.win32: mention GIT as well as SVNnobu
2019-02-02README.win32: update required commands and platform namesnobu
2019-02-02rdoc.css: make label-list compactnobu
2019-02-02COPYING: reformat as RDocnobu
2019-02-02NEWS: use note-listnobu
2019-02-02README.win32: use label-listnobu
2019-02-02* 2019-02-02svn
2019-02-01Fixed gemspec location of bundler.hsbt
2019-02-01README.win32: reformat as RDocnobu
2019-02-01insns.def: opt_regexpmatch1 is not a leaf insnk0kubun
2019-02-01on-smash canary detectionshyouhei
2019-02-01insns.def: mark exception-raising instructions non-leafshyouhei
2019-02-01vm_trace.c: trick rdoc for TracePoint#enablenobu
2019-02-01* expand tabs.svn
2019-02-01Revert r63383, r63248 "compile.c: copy a short insn with leave"nobu
2019-02-01_leaf_helpers.erb: some functions are not leafshyouhei
2019-02-01* 2019-02-01svn
2019-02-01Run r66972 assertion only when a sticky-bit makes sensenobu
2019-01-31Fix exception namespacenobu
2019-01-31Use _NSGetMachExecuteHeader() instead of _mh_execute_headernaruse
2019-01-31_insn_type_chars.erb: use C99shyouhei
2019-01-31_insn_operand_info.erb: use C99shyouhei
2019-01-31_insn_len_info.erb: add ASSERT_VM_INSTRUCTION_SIZEshyouhei
2019-01-31_insn_name_info.erb: use C99shyouhei
2019-01-31* 2019-01-31svn
2019-01-31test_iseq.rb: update expected error messagenobu
2019-01-31test_iseq.rb: enablednobu
2019-01-30Show the code in syntax assertionsnobu
2019-01-30* expand tabs.svn
2019-01-30enumerator.c: fix arith_seq_first for Infinitymrkn
2019-01-30hash.c: hoisted out st_index_hashnobu
2019-01-30hash.c: hoisted out dbl_to_indexnobu
2019-01-30* 2019-01-30svn
2019-01-30* expand tabs.svn
2019-01-30hash.c: remove repeated rb_hash_startnobu
2019-01-28Fix `Module#const_defined?` on inherited constantsnobu
2019-01-28added assertion with method ref operatornobu
2019-01-28* expand tabs.svn