AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-09-27digest.c: typed datanobu
2014-09-27* 2014-09-27svn
2014-09-27ruby.h: deprecate plain Datanobu
2014-09-26stringio.c: ASCII-8BIT StringIO rejects no encodingsnobu
2014-09-25object.c (rb_class_real): do not dereference 0 VALUEnormal
2014-09-25* 2014-09-26svn
2014-09-25man/ruby.1: document stack size env variablesnormal
2014-09-25io.c: common function to free IO buffersnormal
2014-09-24* 2014-09-25svn
2014-09-24* lib/matrix.rb: Fix docs. Patched by Ben Woodall. [GH-726]ayumin
2014-09-24enc/unicode/data: New directory for downloaded Unicode data files.duerst
2014-09-24tool/downloader.rb: Adjusting example forduerst
2014-09-24tool/downloader.rb: Removing unused methodduerst
2014-09-24tool/downloader.rb: Fixing raise after return.duerst
2014-09-24tool/downloader.rb: Made Unicode data file location availableduerst
2014-09-24tool/downloader.rb: Small fix to documentation comment.duerst
2014-09-23* 2014-09-24svn
2014-09-23* ChangeLog: remove a duplicated entry.nagachika
2014-09-23parse.y: label cannot be followed by a modifiernobu update-gemsnobu
2014-09-23downloader.rb: shorthands for usual URInobu
2014-09-23downloader.rb: integrate with download_if_modified_sincenobu
2014-09-23* remove trailing spaces.svn
2014-09-23tool/downloader.rb: added Downloader.download_if_modified_sinceduerst
2014-09-23* .travis.yml: added rubyspec into travis tasks and eliminate to stdout.hsbt
2014-09-23doc: remove trailing spacesnobu
2014-09-22* 2014-09-23svn
2014-09-22Fix a typo.akr
2014-09-22* doc/syntax/methods.rdoc: [DOC] [] and []= methods by @processzzak
2014-09-22* .travis.yml: Only osx build is enabled. linux builds is random failurehsbt
2014-09-22array.c: GC guardnobu
2014-09-22test_thread.rb: thread for Queuenobu
2014-09-22tmpdir.rb: explicit conversion to stringnobu
2014-09-22* test/ruby/test_time_tz.rb: Fix test error with tzdata-2014g.akr
2014-09-22ext/socket/*.c: trivial struct packing for 64-bitnormal
2014-09-21* lib/drb/drb.rb: Support graceful shutdown.akr
2014-09-21* 2014-09-22svn
2014-09-21* time.c: raise exception when minutes of utc_offset is out of
2014-09-21* st.c (do_hash_bin): unused macro.nari
2014-09-21* parse.y (parser_class_nest): unused variable after YARVnari
2014-09-21* st.c (numberof): unused. internal.h has same macro.nari
2014-09-21fix spaces [ci skip]kazu
2014-09-21fix capital [ci skip]kazu
2014-09-21* thread_pthread.c (native_set_thread_name): New function toakr
2014-09-21signal.c: SIGEXIT is not a system signalnobu
2014-09-21(test_main_thread_status_at_exit) wait until the thread enter the begin clause. akr
2014-09-21wait until the thread is stopped.akr
2014-09-21iseq.c (rb_iseq_defined_string): trim redundant semi-colonnormal
2014-09-21test_signal.rb: remove stale testnobu