AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2007-11-28* ext/json, lib/json, test/json: Update to JSON 1.1.2.naruse
2007-11-28add test for enumerator.akr
2007-11-28* (vm_invoke_block): should splat args.ko1
2007-11-28* ext/extmk.rb (extract_makefile): use dldflags instead of DLDFLAGS tonobu
2007-11-28test exceptions.akr
2007-11-27longer timeout.akr
2007-11-27* 2007-11-28nobu
2007-11-27* bignum.c (big2str_find_n1): removed extraneous element.nobu
2007-11-27* compile.c (iseq_compile_each): "when *[],1" dumps core.ko1
2007-11-27* compile.c (iseq_compile_each): "a[*b] += 1" dumps core.ko1
2007-11-27* compile.c, insns.def: change return value of "defined?"ko1
2007-11-27lib/finalizer.rb: removedmatz
2007-11-27* insns.def: fix typo.ko1
2007-11-27* test_beginendblock.rb: add loop to wait signal.ko1
2007-11-27* include/ruby/encoding.h, encoding.c, re.c, string.c, parse.y: akr
2007-11-27* eval.c (rb_method_missing): fix stack trace.ko1
2007-11-27* insns.def, compile.c: fix to allow dsym for alias/undef.ko1
2007-11-26 * lib/drb/extserv.rb (initialize, stop_service): synchronize withseki
2007-11-26more tests.akr
2007-11-26* sprintf.c (rb_str_format): always trim preceding zeros.matz
2007-11-26* re.c (Init_Regexp): new method Regexp#fixed_encoding?akr
2007-11-26 * lib/complex.rb: be able to create Complex(0, -0.0). [ruby-list:44268]keiju
2007-11-26fix coderange.akr
2007-11-26* re.c (rb_reg_fixed_encoding_p): extracted from rb_reg_prepare_re andakr
2007-11-26* io.c (rb_read_internal, rb_sysopen_internal): remove C99 dependency.nobu
2007-11-26* test/ruby/test_eval.rb (TestEval::test_instance_eval_cvar):matz
2007-11-26* bootstraptest/test_{io,marshal}.rb, lib/rubygems/require_paths_builder.rb t...nobu
2007-11-26* variable.c (rb_f_global_variables): variable names should notmatz
2007-11-25* include/ruby/encoding.h (rb_enc_str_asciionly_p): declared.akr
2007-11-25test_to_s refined.akr
2007-11-25Import fast-loading gem_prelude.rb from RubyGems.drbrain
2007-11-25add more roundtrip tests.akr
2007-11-24add test for printf format %x, %o and %b.akr
2007-11-24add a test for [ruby-dev:32351].akr
2007-11-23* io.c: add rb_read_internal() as blocking function.ko1
2007-11-23* vm.c: fix comment.ko1
2007-11-23* bootstraptest/test_knownbug.rb: move solved tests.ko1
2007-11-23fix va_start arg.akr
2007-11-23* struct.c (rb_struct_alloc_noinit): new function.akr
2007-11-23* re.c (REG_CASESTATE): unused macro removed.akr
2007-11-23add ML ref.akr
2007-11-23* struct.c (rb_struct_define_without_accessor): new function.akr
2007-11-23* re.c (match_begin): should return offset by character.matz
2007-11-23* compile.c (defined_expr): defined(method(x)) dumped core. amatz
2007-11-22previous change refined.akr
2007-11-22add test for [ruby-dev:32329].akr
2007-11-22* (vm_search_normal_superclass): rename function.matz
2007-11-21* vm.c: fix to recycle thread data (VM stack).ko1
2007-11-21* benchmark/driver.rb: add path to trunk/lib if driver runner isko1
2007-11-21* test/fileutils/fileasserts.rb (assert_equal_timestamp): new assertakr