AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-04-01* ext/-test-/num2int/num2int.c: Return string for result, instead ofakr
2013-04-01* numeric.c (rb_num2long): Don't use SIGNED_VALUE uselessly.akr prereq 2.67nobu
2013-04-01sha2.c: suppress warningsnobu
2013-04-01fix a typokazu clang checknobu clang checknobu
2013-04-01* numeric.c (check_uint): Take the 1st argument as unsigned long,akr
2013-03-31* use 'test' instead quadrigraph.ayumin
2013-03-31* use quadrigraph to put '[' or ']'. [Bug #8192]ayumin
2013-03-31Fix build failure introduced by previous commitnaruse
2013-03-31* kick old clang. [ruby-dev:47204] [Bug #8192]naruse
2013-03-31* 2013-04-01svn
2013-03-31* include/ruby/ruby.h (FIX2ULONG): Make it consistent with NUM2ULONG.akr
2013-03-31proc.c: consider noex in define_methodnobu
2013-03-31test_method.rb: splitnobu
2013-03-31more tests.akr
2013-03-31win32/configure.bat: option argumentsnobu
2013-03-31ChangeLog: fix typonobu
2013-03-31* numeric.c (rb_num2ulong_internal): New function similart toakr
2013-03-31documentation by @phiggins [GH fixes #263]hsbt
2013-03-31doumentation by @toolmantim [GH fixes #270]hsbt
2013-03-31Document the default Net timeout values by @toolmantim [GH fixes #269]hsbt
2013-03-30class.c: suppress wrong warningnobu
2013-03-30thread.c: TYPEOF_TIMEVAL_TV_SECnobu
2013-03-30timev.h: move time_t stuffsnobu
2013-03-30thread.c: format specifiers for time_tnobu
2013-03-30gc.c: _aligned_mallocnobu
2013-03-30* 2013-03-31svn
2013-03-30Specify external_encodingnaruse
2013-03-30Remove bcc32kazu
2013-03-30* test/ruby/test_class.rb: Simplify warning checksmarcandre
2013-03-30* NEWS: Be more precise about singleton_class.ancestors changemarcandre
2013-03-29* win32/file.c (code_page): use cp1252 instead of cp20127 as US-ASCII.usa
2013-03-29* 2013-03-30svn
2013-03-29* win32/win32.c (wrename): use MoveFileExW instead of MoveFileW,usa
2013-03-29thread.c: Mutex#synchronize no block paramsnobu
2013-03-29Makefile.sub: configurationsnobu
2013-03-29compliant is an adjectivekazu
2013-03-29io.c: get rid of IOError when skipped while iterationnobu
2013-03-29io.c: get rid of IOError when skipped while iterationnobu
2013-03-29mkmf.rb: no CFLAGS in CXXFLAGSnobu
2013-03-29ruby/io.h: get rid of conflict on AIXnobu
2013-03-29code cleanup by @vipulnsward [GH fixes #267]hsbt
2013-03-28* numeric.c (rb_num2ull): Cast double to unsigned LONG_LONG viaakr
2013-03-28* 2013-03-29svn
2013-03-28mkmf.rb: force refererence in MAIN_DOES_NOTHINGnobu
2013-03-28* lib/resolv.rb: Test Windows platform by detecting LoadError whenakr
2013-03-28ruby/io.h: get rid of conflict on AIXnobu
2013-03-28tcltklib.c: rb_thread_alive_p macronobu