AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-07-14Merge psych-3.0.0.beta3 from ruby/psych.hsbt
2017-07-14Added psych entry to package table and fixed sync instructions.hsbt
2017-07-14process.c: null bytesnobu
2017-07-13Use tr! instead of gsub!kazu
2017-07-13* 2017-07-14svn
2017-07-13process.c: handle dynamic :rlimit_* symbols in spawn execoptsnormal
2017-07-13Use Test::Unit::TestCase instead of MiniTest::Unit::TestCase. Becausehsbt
2017-07-13parse.y: flush debug outputnobu
2017-07-12doc/extension.rdoc: update wikipedia link to HTTPSnormal
2017-07-12* 2017-07-13svn
2017-07-12Fix indent [ci skip]kazu
2017-07-12disable r59314 on mswinnobu
2017-07-12gc.c: restrict RGENGC_DEBUGnobu
2017-07-12* 2017-07-12svn
2017-07-12optparse.rb: get rid of evalnobu
2017-07-11* 2017-07-11svn
2017-07-11tainted string should be tainted.ko1
2017-07-10compile.c: simplify defined_expr0nobu
2017-07-10test_rubyoptions.rb: assert -00nobu
2017-07-10a64: fix crash on register stack mark/sweep passtakano32
2017-07-10hash.c: prefer value cast to pointer castnobu
2017-07-09* 2017-07-10svn
2017-07-09Hash#[]= deduplicates string keys if (and only if) fstring existsnormal
2017-07-09downloader.rb: get rid of symlinks in dist filesnobu
2017-07-09make-snapshot: generate ChangeLog iff not existnobu
2017-07-09* 2017-07-09svn
2017-07-09make-snapshot: touch-unicode-files for 2.4nobu
2017-07-08* template/ extract SUBMAKEOPTS from sub files too. [Bu...nobu
2017-07-08assertions.rb: syntax_check for other implnobu
2017-07-08.travis.yml: update dist to trustynobu
2017-07-07NEWS: note [Feature #13517] is Linux-only (no side-effects on _*nonblock)normal
2017-07-07NEWS: entry for WEBRick SNI support [Feature #13729]normal
2017-07-07* properties.svn
2017-07-07webrick: add Server Name Indication (SNI)normal
2017-07-07* 2017-07-08svn
2017-07-07webrick: become maintainernormal
2017-07-07Run single downloadernobu
2017-07-07* 2017-07-07svn
2017-07-07* tool/redmine-backporter.rb (show): just report and ignore if a feature ticketusa
2017-07-06Fix DecimalInteger converting to octal bugnobu
2017-07-06string.c: preserve coderange in String#setbyterhe
2017-07-06string.c: remove dead code in str_fill_term()rhe
2017-07-06* 2017-07-06svn
2017-07-06lexer.rb: ignore dedented spacenobu
2017-07-05un.rb: use instead of OpenSSL::PKey::RSA.newrhe
2017-07-05debug.c: add FMODE constantsnobu
2017-07-05un.rb: support httpsnobu
2017-07-04tool/mk_call_iseq_optimized.rb: fix generated commentnormal
2017-07-04* properties.svn
2017-07-04Use lcov visualizer for gcov statisticsmame