AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-10-19compile.c: default_len is positiveshyouhei
2018-10-19_mjit_compile_ivar.rb: use PRIuSIZEshyouhei
2018-10-19.travis.yml: delete duplicated --disable-install-doc [ci skip]shyouhei
2018-10-19.travis.yml: name each builds [ci-skip]shyouhei
2018-10-19.travis.yml: add i686-linux testsshyouhei
2018-10-19check before access.ko1
2018-10-19vm_core.h: NSIG is a BSDism.shyouhei
2018-10-19addr2line.c: minimal workaround to prevent parse errorshyouhei
2018-10-19addr2line.c: this file has no portabilityshyouhei
2018-10-18* 2018-10-19svn
2018-10-18tool/insns2vm.rb: get rid of expanding pathsnobu do not overwrite -std=shyouhei
2018-10-18.travis.yml: add -pedantic build (2nd try)shyouhei
2018-10-18revert r65151, because the other tests were broken.shyouhei
2018-10-18.travis.yml: add -pedantic buildshyouhei
2018-10-18make-snapshot: package with TarHeadernobu
2018-10-18* expand tabs.svn
2018-10-18fix SEGV in rb_raw_obj_info()shyouhei
2018-10-18.travis.yml: no additional apt packages for spec/ruby [ci skip]nobu
2018-10-18.travis.yml: should escape spacesshyouhei
2018-10-18.travis.yml: just use envshyouhei
2018-10-18.travis.yml: no PR in spec/ruby [ci skip]nobu
2018-10-18.travis.yml: fix typo in configure argumentsshyouhei
2018-10-18.travis.yml: split before_install into the matrixnobu
2018-10-18zlib: fix Zlib::VERSIONnobu
2018-10-18remove message already unnecesaryusa
2018-10-18openssl: sync with upstream repositoryrhe
2018-10-17.travis.yml: revert r65131 took0kubun
2018-10-17revert r65124 and try non-parallel test-all on osxk0kubun
2018-10-17* 2018-10-18svn
2018-10-17* expand tabs.svn
2018-10-17infect taint flag on Array#pack and String#unpacknagachika
2018-10-17.travis.yml: try openssl stable versionk0kubun
2018-10-17sample/trick2018/03-tompng: merge upstream fixesmame
2018-10-17.travis.yml: enhance build matrixshyouhei
2018-10-17NEWS in rdoc mode [ci skip]nobu
2018-10-17Fix NEWS format [ci skip]nobu
2018-10-17* expand tabs.svn
2018-10-17Remove the level information from throw instructionmame
2018-10-17Merge rdoc-6.1.0.beta2aycabta
2018-10-17Check the end of Compilation Unit by unit length instead of level of treenaruse
2018-10-16Support base address selection entrynaruse
2018-10-16Correct the handling of .debug_rangesnaruse
2018-10-16The value of .debug_ranges are uintptr_tnaruse
2018-10-16If high_pc uses DW_FORM_addr, it's not size but addressnaruse
2018-10-16* 2018-10-17svn
2018-10-16Spec: Fix spec/ruby/core/array/reject_spec.rb & miscmarcandre
2018-10-16tool/downloader.rb: retry Net::ReadTimeoutk0kubun
2018-10-16string.c: grapheme cluster regexp failurenobu
2018-10-16regerror.c: lenghten MAX_ERROR_PAR_LEN to contain old property namesnobu