AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2008-02-15add a test.akr
2008-02-15* range.c (rb_range_beg_len): check if responds to "begin" and "end"nobu
2008-02-15* ext/win32ole/win32ole.c (ole_init_cp): initialize WIN32OLE.codepagesuke
2008-02-15* string.c (rb_str_sub_bang, str_gsub): allows hash for replacement.nobu
2008-02-15* string.c (str_strlen): use search_nonascii() for performance.matz
2008-02-15* io.c (open_key_args): allow specifying both :mode and :encoding.matz
2008-02-15* string.c (rb_str_getbyte): new method.akr
2008-02-15* lib/require_relative.rb: new file.akr
2008-02-15* ext/iconv/iconv.c (iconv_convert): check upper bound. a patch fromnobu
2008-02-15* re.c (rb_reg_quote): set US-ACII for ASCII-only string.nobu
2008-02-15* {win,bcc}32/Makefile.sub (config.h): added HAVE_FTRUNCATE.nobu
2008-02-15* parse.y (reg_compile_gen): reg_fragment_setenc might not raise annobu
2008-02-14Preserve ri compatibility with 1.8drbrain
2008-02-14* (ftruncate): check if available.nobu
2008-02-14* (sigsetmask): check when signal semantics is not POSIX.nobu
2008-02-14* parse.y (reg_compile_gen): appends error message fromnobu
2008-02-14* eval_error.c (error_print): append a newline to rest lines.nobu
2008-02-14* io.c (io_reopen): check STDIN, STDOUT and STDERR mode according toakr
2008-02-14add a test for [ruby-dev:33072].akr
2008-02-14* test/ruby/test_math.rb: actual-expected argument ordering formatz
2008-02-14* file.c (rb_file_s_utime): inhibits with secure level 2 or higher.nobu
2008-02-14add a test for named class in regexp.akr
2008-02-14more tests for embedding regexps.akr
2008-02-14* re.c (rb_reg_preprocess_dregexp): use non-preprocessed regexp sourceakr
2008-02-13* lib/timeout.rb (Timeout::timeout): made sensitive to location on thenobu
2008-02-13* (INSTRUBY_ARGS): pass mode to install. [ruby-dev:33766]nobu
2008-02-13* eval.c (eval): allow to eval in a binding that has a singleton method.mame
2008-02-13* lib/pathname.rb (Pathname#sub_ext): new method. [ruby-list:44608]akr
2008-02-13wait signal arrival 10sec.akr
2008-02-13* proc.c (proc_curry): new method. [ruby-dev:33676]mame
2008-02-13* include/ruby/ruby.h (RObject): add iv_index_tbl for shortcut ofakr
2008-02-13* filenames need comma.naruse
2008-02-13* lib/uri/generic.rb: revert r15442. 2nd argument of String#sub parsenaruse
2008-02-13 * enc/depend: fix typo.usa
2008-02-12Allow inline markup to have a leading '#' or '\', or trailing punctuation.drbrain
2008-02-12Separate HTML linking and crossreferencing into separate files.drbrain
2008-02-12* parse.y (stmt, arg): reverted r15450. [ruby-core:15526]nobu
2008-02-12* parse.y (arg_append_gen): optimize only for array push.nobu
2008-02-12* parse.y (stmt, arg): concat opt_call_args only if non-null.nobu
2008-02-12* parse.y (arg_concat_gen, arg_append_gen): optimize for array concat.nobu
2008-02-12* parse.y (arg_add_gen): removed since identical to arg_append_gen.nobu
2008-02-12* parse.y (exc_list): should use mrhs if non array.nobu
2008-02-12 * lib/rational.rb (floor, ceil, truncate, round): do not usetadf
2008-02-12* parse.y (exc_list): splat literal array.nobu
2008-02-12* parse.y (args, mrhs): flattens literal array splats.nobu
2008-02-12* bootstraptest/runner.rb, bootstraptest/test_method.rb, enc/depend,naruse
2008-02-12* ext/json/lib/json/pure/generator.rb,naruse
2008-02-12* string.c (rb_str_hash_cmp): lighter version of rb_str_cmp() formatz
2008-02-12* instruby.rb: specify file mode to install. a patch frommatz
2008-02-12* numeric.c (rb_num_coerce_bin): add ID argument to specifymatz