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2013-02-24add tag v2_0_0_0v2_0_0_0mame
2013-02-24* version.h: changed version string likemame
2013-02-24* ext/io/console/io-console.gemspec: bump. [Backport #7891]nobu
2013-02-24add tag v2_0_0_0mame
2013-02-24bump versionmame
2013-02-24add tag v2_0_0_0mame
2013-02-24Merge trunk revision: 39463drbrain
2013-02-24backport r39460, ack'd by mame-sanzzak
2013-02-24* enum.c (Enumerable#chunk: Improved examples, grammar, and formattingzzak
2013-02-24* lib/abbrev.rb: Add words parameter to Abbrev::abbrevzzak
2013-02-24* ext/pty/pty.c: Documentation for the PTY module [Backport #7928]zzak
2013-02-24* object.c: Document Data class by Matthew Mongeau [Backport #7929]zzak
2013-02-24* lib/mutex_m.rb: Add rdoc for Mutex_m module [Backport #7930]zzak
2013-02-24* object.c: rdoc formatting for Kernel#Array() [Backport #7931]zzak
2013-02-24* thread.c: Documentation for Thread#backtrace_locationszzak
2013-02-24* vm.c: Typo in ObjectSpace::WeakMap overview [Backport #7933]zzak
2013-02-24* thread.c: Improved rdoc for ::handle_interrupt, ::pending_interrupt?zzak
2013-02-23* backport r39442 from trunk:marcandre
2013-02-23* 2013-02-24svn
2013-02-23* Backport r39438 from trunk:marcandre
2013-02-23* Backport r39434 from trunk:marcandre
2013-02-23* Backport r39432 from trunk:marcandre
2013-02-23merge revision(s) 39335:nobu
2013-02-23merge revision(s) 39298:39300:knu
2013-02-23merge revision(s) r39281:knu
2013-02-23merge revision(s) r39255:knu
2013-02-23merge revision(s) r39290:knu
2013-02-23merge revision(s) 39321:mrkn
2013-02-23* Backport r39399 from trunk:marcandre
2013-02-22* backport r39410 from trunkmarcandre
2013-02-22* backport r39400-r39407 from trunk.marcandre
2013-02-22Merge trunk revision: 39366drbrain
2013-02-22* NEWS: pending_interrupt? is both instance and singleton methodmarcandre
2013-02-22* 2013-02-23svn
2013-02-22* NEWS: Add Thread#pending_interrupt? and Thread.handle_interruptmarcandre
2013-02-22merge revision(s) 39384:usa
2013-02-21revert duplicate ChangeLog.ko1
2013-02-21merge revision(s) 39308:ko1
2013-02-20Merge trunk revision: 39327drbrain
2013-02-20Merge trunk revision: 39324drbrain
2013-02-20* NEWS: Floats are frozen toomarcandre
2013-02-20* 2013-02-21svn
2013-02-20* NEWS: Add that Fixnums and Bignums are frozenmarcandre
2013-02-20merge revision(s) 39308:shyouhei
2013-02-19* 2013-02-20svn
2013-02-19Merge revision 39292:drbrain
2013-02-19merge revision(s) 39267,39273,39294,39298,39313:nobu
2013-02-19* backport r39307 from trunk. [Bug #7880]drbrain
2013-02-19* lib/rdoc.rb: Update to release version of 4.0.0drbrain
2013-02-19merge revision(s) 39201,39202:nobu