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2010-02-04Tagging 399 for release.v1_8_6_399wyhaines
2010-02-04Syntax change and dead code cleanup to help resolve some build issues on cert...wyhaines
2010-02-03* 2010-02-04svn
2010-02-03Backport #1743 [ruby-core:24203]; stops timer thread unless other threads exist.wyhaines
2010-01-27Backport #2009 [ruby-core:25173]; (rb_io_fptr_finalize): free fptr to avoid m...wyhaines
2010-01-27* 2010-01-28svn
2010-01-27Backport #1916 [ruby-core:24838]; (rb_sysopen): workaround for MSVCRT's bug. ...wyhaines
2010-01-27Backport #1875 [ruby-core:24735]; (RMATCH_REGS): added for compatibility.wyhaines
2010-01-27Backport #1818 [ruby-core:24561]; (argf_eof): go to the next file if called a...wyhaines
2010-01-27Backport #1806 [ruby-core:24506]; (REXML::Text.normalize): call to_s for input.wyhaines
2010-01-26* 2010-01-27svn
2010-01-26Backport #2039 [ruby-core:25339]; backported r24413, r24416, r24442 to fix a ...wyhaines
2010-01-20* 2010-01-21svn
2010-01-20eval.c: Backport #2592 [ruby-core:27525]; Added an ifndef for WIN32 so that F...wyhaines
2010-01-10* 2010-01-11svn
2010-01-10Fix to escape logs in order to avoid escape sequence injection bug. Also ins...wyhaines
2009-11-20* 2009-11-20svn
2009-11-20backport r24713 which adds a check for freelist exhaustion in gc_sweep; this ...wyhaines
2009-09-08* 2009-09-09svn
2009-09-08Openstruct fix, and fix to test_file_exhaustive.wyhaines
2009-08-25Backport #1509 [ruby-dev:38538]; Typo in CGI::HTTP_STATUS: Rrecondition -> Pr...wyhaines
2009-08-25* 2009-08-26svn
2009-08-25Fix for backport #1168 -- wrong result of File.extname for a path that contai...wyhaines
2009-08-20* 2009-08-21svn
2009-08-20Backport #1001; handle EBADF in select() to avoid Interpreter-wide deadlock w...wyhaines
2009-08-19* 2009-08-19svn
2009-08-19Backport #1232. Fixed sprintf buffer corruption.wyhaines
2009-08-04* 2009-08-05svn
2009-08-04Fixed a small documentation bug in lib/rdoc/parsers/parse_c.rb.wyhaines
2009-08-03* 2009-08-04svn
2009-08-03Pulled the date.rb change; it should not have been applied.wyhaines
2009-07-20Small tweak.wyhaines
2009-07-15Adjusted release date info.wyhaines
2009-07-14Adjust #angle/#arg NaN return as per issue #1715 and recent rubyspec changes....wyhaines
2009-07-14Fixes to bignum/numeric so that infinity is always greater than any num.wyhaines
2009-07-10Fix method scoping bug.wyhaines
2009-07-10Added FCNTL inclusion to fix a compile error with solaris (backport from r22812)wyhaines
2009-07-10Fixed ostruct recursion inspection.wyhaines
2009-07-09Minor fixes to x64 sitedir/libdir.wyhaines
2009-07-09Removed private on to_date and to_datetime.wyhaines
2009-07-09ext/socket/extconf.rb: Corrected function definitions to specify return values.wyhaines
2009-07-09Pendantic change to remove surplus comma.wyhaines
2009-07-09Fixed warning: passing argument 1 of 'add_freelist' makes pointer from intege...wyhaines
2009-07-09Stopgap fix for gc.c based segmentation faults.wyhaines
2009-06-08Updated the release dates.wyhaines
2009-06-08Fixed a typo in lib/soap/mimemessage.rb -- conent -> contentwyhaines
2009-03-31merge revision(s) 21750:shyouhei
2009-03-27merge revision(s) 21749:shyouhei
2009-03-27merge revision(s) 22882,22961,22971:shyouhei
2009-03-23merge revision(s) 22011:shyouhei