AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2007-05-22add tag v1_8_6_14v1_8_6_14shyouhei
2007-05-22merge -c 12189shyouhei
2007-05-22merge -c 12187shyouhei
2007-05-22merge -r 12165:12168shyouhei
2007-05-22merge -c 12158shyouhei
2007-05-22merge -r 12143:12147shyouhei
2007-05-22merge -c 12137shyouhei
2007-05-22merge -c 12127shyouhei
2007-05-22merge -c 12126shyouhei
2007-05-22merge -c 12123shyouhei
2007-05-22merge -c 12116shyouhei
2007-05-22merge -c 12113shyouhei
2007-03-20* distruby.rb: Add zip generation.shyouhei
2007-03-19* merge -c 12080shyouhei
2007-03-16* merge -c 12071shyouhei
2007-03-16* merge -r 12066:12069shyouhei
2007-03-16* merge -c 12065shyouhei
2007-03-12* stable version 1.8.6 released.knu
2007-03-12* lib/cgi.rb (CGI::header): IIS >= 5.0 does not need the nphknu
2007-03-12* ext/openssl/ossl_asn1.c (Init_ossl_asn1): Let rdoc know aboutknu
2007-03-11* ext/dl/sym.c (rb_dlsym_inspect): Use "0x%x" rather for pointers.knu
2007-03-11* misc/README: Add a note about ruby-electric.el. knu
2007-03-11* ext/dl/mkcallback.rb (mkfunc): Make sure that a callbackknu
2007-03-11* eval.c (error_handle): no message when exiting by signal.knu
2007-03-06Merge changes from ruby_1_8:knu
2007-03-05* time.c (time_to_s): Correct the wrong format which did notknu
2007-03-04merge a cosmetic changeknu
2007-03-04* lib/fileutils.rb (mv): could not move a directory betweenknu
2007-03-04* file.c (rb_file_s_utime): allow nil to set the current time.knu
2007-03-04* util.c (push_element): should return a int value.knu
2007-03-03* lib/set.rb (Set#^, Set#&): Correct documentation. Those methodsknu
2007-03-03* eval.c (stack_check): Unset inline to fix build with GCC 3.4.6;knu
2007-03-03* ext/thread/thread.c (push_list): Use ALLOC().knu
2007-03-03* NEWS: Add a note for String#intern.knu
2007-03-03* eval.c (rb_provided): return true only for features loaded fromknu
2007-03-03* env.h (SCOPE_CLONE): Introduce a new scope flag to prevent aknu
2007-03-03* object.c (rb_obj_ivar_set): RDoc updated according to aknu
2007-03-03* parse.y (stmt, arg): should not omit lhs of OP_ASGN1 even ifknu
2007-02-28* mkconfig.rb (patchlevel): read from version.h.knu
2007-02-28* ext/digest/digest.c (get_digest_base_metadata): Allow inheritingknu
2007-02-28Merge changes between r11913 and r11943 from ruby_1_8.knu
2007-02-28* merge -c 11935shyouhei
2007-02-27Merge changes between r11907 and r11913 from ruby_1_8.knu
2007-02-27Merge changes between r11871 and r11907 from ruby_1_8.knu
2007-02-24* defines.h: Pull the RUBY_MBCHAR_MAXSIZE definition from trunk,knu
2007-02-24* lib/date/format.rb: updated based on date2 4.0.3.knu