AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2007-02-12set svn:eol-stylev1_8_2_preview2shyouhei
2004-07-29This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag(no author)
2004-07-29* ext/tk/lib/tkextlib/pkg_checker.rb: improve the check processnagai
2004-07-28* lib/cgi.rb (CGI::initialize): remove at_exit code for CGI_PARAMSmatz
2004-07-28fix a reference to ruby-dev.akr
2004-07-28* ext/tk/lib/validate.rb: accept a Method object for the validatecommand optionnagai
2004-07-28* for backward compatibility (see [ruby-talk:107510], [ruby-talk:107647])nagai
2004-07-28* eval.c: backout argv copy on write changes.matz
2004-07-27* gc.c (run_final): wrong order of data. [ruby-dev:23948]matz
2004-07-27* eval.c (rb_eval): copy on write for argument local variablematz
2004-07-27* object.c (Init_Object): "===" calls rb_obj_equal() directly.matz
2004-07-26* lib/webrick/httputils.rb (WEBrick::HTTPUtils.escape): shouldgotoyuzo
2004-07-25* win32/win32.{h,c} (rb_w32_{f,fd,fs}open): workaround for bcc32'socean
2004-07-24* ext/tk/MANIFEST: addedeban
2004-07-24* range.c (rb_range_beg_len): returns Qnil only when "beg" pointsmatz
2004-07-23* gc.c (define_final): should not disclose NODE* to Ruby world.matz
2004-07-23* add TclX extension support (partially)nagai
2004-07-23* lib/cgi/session.rb (CGI::Session::FileStore#update): sets thematz
2004-07-23* lib/net/imap.rb (disconnected?): new method. (backported from HEAD)shugo
2004-07-22* lib/irb/ruby-lex.rb (RubyLex::identify_string): %s string do notmatz
2004-07-21* process.c (rb_f_system): not need to call last_status_set() anyusa
2004-07-20* test/fileutils/test_fileutils.rb: raises EINVAL on BeOS.ocean
2004-07-19r1025 | ser | 2004-07-18 08:18:36 -0400 (Sun, 18 Jul 2004) | 2 linesser
2004-07-18* lib/webrick/httpservlet/cgihandler.rbgotoyuzo
2004-07-18* test/openssl/test_ssl.rb: add workaround for Cygwin.gotoyuzo
2004-07-18* TkMsgCatalog.callback: bug fix (wrong number of argument)nagai
2004-07-17* sprintf.c (rb_f_sprintf): remove extra sign digit.nobu
2004-07-17* dir.c (range): use NULL instead of 0.knu
2004-07-17* lib/net/imap.rb (receive_responses): return if a logout responseshugo
2004-07-17* ext/tk/lib/tk/variable.rb: TkVariable#ref returns a TkVariable objectnagai
2004-07-17* lib/uri/ldap.rb: method hierarchical? should be in URI::LDAP.akira
2004-07-17* parse.y (stmt): not to show same error messages twice.nobu
2004-07-17* eval.c (THREAD_ALLOC): th->thread should be initialized to NULL.matz
2004-07-16Incorporate Micheal Neumanns client-side imagemap patchdave
2004-07-16* rename files to avoid application (cvs and so on) troublesnagai
2004-07-16* lib/base64.rb (Deprecated): super in bound method calls originalnobu
2004-07-16* eval.c (return_jump, break_jump): raise unexpceted local jumpnobu
2004-07-16* test/openssl/ssl_server.rb, test/openssl/test_ssl.rb: workaround togotoyuzo
2004-07-16ChangeLog fixes.usa
2004-07-16* lib/test/unit/ui/{fox,gtk,gtk2}/testrunner.rb: removeocean