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2015-09-09* .travis.yml: retry.usa
2015-09-09* .travis.yml: update unicode data, bundled gems, extlibs, and so on.usa
2015-08-27Revert "try to run travis without sudo to run in container"naruse
2015-08-27migrate to travis new infrastructurenaruse
2015-08-27try to run travis without sudo to run in containernaruse
2015-07-31Update libssl before Travis buildtenderlove
2015-03-20* .travis.yml: enabled email notification.hsbt
2015-03-20* .travis.yml: removed Ruby 1.9.3 build on Travis CIhsbt
2015-03-05.travis.yml: no check for diagnostic reportsnobu
2015-03-03.travis.yml: no diagnostic reportsnobu
2015-03-03.travis.yml: CONFIG_FLAGnobu
2015-03-03.travis.yml: install missing librarynobu
2015-03-03.travis.yml: suppress travis specific failurenobu
2015-03-02.travis.yml: do not ignore diffnobu
2015-01-19.travis.yml: for r49326nobu
2015-01-08* .travis.yml: Remove redundant configuration option.hsbt
2014-12-18.travis.yml: use after_failurenobu
2014-12-16.travis.yml: fix escapenobu
2014-12-16.travis.yml: dump crash logsnobu
2014-10-31* .travis.yml: reverted r48199, it's unlated configuration.hsbt
2014-10-31* .travis.yml: tweak build scripts for unicode_normalize.rb.hsbt
2014-10-03* .travis.yml: removed needless preparation for gcc.hsbt
2014-10-03* .travis.yml: enabled gcc build with osx on travis.hsbt
2014-10-03* .travis.yml: enabled test results of linux.hsbt
2014-10-03* .travis.yml: Disabled to generate document on travis.hsbt
2014-09-23* .travis.yml: added rubyspec into travis tasks and eliminate to stdout.hsbt
2014-09-22* .travis.yml: Only osx build is enabled. linux builds is random failurehsbt
2014-09-20* .travis.yml: added new configurations for osx on travis ci.hsbt
2014-08-20.travis.yml: remove generated directoriesnobu
2014-04-23add uname -rnaruse
2014-04-23travis doesn't have /proc/version_signaturenaruse
2014-04-23show versionsnaruse
2014-04-22enable test-all and add -j2 on travis-cinaruse
2014-04-22Add to check ruby_2_0_0 and ruby_2_1 (and ruby_2_2) branchnaruse
2013-10-07* .travis.yml: Rebuild Travis CI's "ruby-head" version on successfuldrbrain
2013-08-18* .travis.yml (before_script): fix copy&paste miss.nobu
2013-08-18* .travis.yml (before_script): fix copy&paste miss.nobu
2013-08-18* .travis.yml (before_script): check if cached config works.nobu
2013-06-14update config filesnobu
2013-06-03Don't run test-all because it often happens false positivenaruse
2013-05-24Disable clang on travis because it causes many false negativenaruse
2013-04-18Fix .travis.yml for current known Linux failurenaruse
2013-04-18Run test-all on travis-cinaruse
2012-11-19* .travis.yml (script): add OPTS=-v, requested by @_ko1.shyouhei
2012-09-08.travis.yml: revert.nobu
2012-09-05* .travis.yml (notifications): [experimental] update notification template.shyouhei
2012-09-03* .travis.yml (before_script): remove debug flag.nobu
2012-08-22 * .travis.yml (before_script): remove -s for debug.nobu
2012-08-22* .travis.yml (before_script): debugging for -j.nobu