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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-11-09* test/runner.rb: use official repository for coverage tool.hsbt
2015-10-23* .gitignore: ignored environmantal wrapper files.hsbt fix conflict of version.inobu
2015-07-15* .gitignore: ignore version.i. [ci skip]kazu
2015-05-25add .gitignore rules for Microsoft Visual C++naruse
2015-01-26* .gitignore: ignored temporary file with git.hsbt
2014-12-23fiddle: extlibsnobu
2014-11-11tables.rb: addnobu
2014-10-31* .gitignore: ignored unicode data with version directories.hsbt
2014-10-21lib/unicode_normalize/tables.rb: remove auto generated file.nobu
2014-10-21lib/unicode_normalize/tables.rb: Committing to make versionduerst
2014-10-19add .gitignorenaruse
2014-09-11* .gitignore: ignored temporary files and coverage results.hsbt
2014-09-11* .gitignore: ignored only simplecov.hsbt
2014-09-02* test/runner.rb: reporting test coverage for test-all with COVERAGE env.hsbt
2014-08-21* .gitignore: ignored temporary file for Changelog.hsbt
2014-06-24* tool/make-snapshot: download bundle gems when package making.hsbt
2014-05-18* ext/etc/etc.c: Etc.sysconf, Etc.confstr and IO#pathconf implemented.akr
2014-02-22.gitignore: ignore benchmark filesnormal
2014-01-06ignore *-fake.rbkazu
2013-12-17 * .gitignore: ignored *.old files.hsbt
2013-11-19ext/rbconfig/sizeof/sizes.c: ignorenobu
2013-08-26sizes.c.tmpl: autogeneratenobu
2013-06-16Ignore tool/config.guess and tool/config.subnaruse
2012-12-04id.c: generatenobu
2012-12-01* misc: ignore pre-compiled emacs lisp files.nobu
2012-11-16probes.h: select by suffix rulesnobu
2012-11-16 * .gitignore: ignore dmyprobes.hnobu
2012-11-13add probes.h to svn:ignore and sort .gitignorekazu
2012-11-12* probes.d: add DTrace probe declarations. [ruby-core:27448]tenderlove
2012-08-24ignore timestamp filekazu
2012-04-23 * ext/iconv: deprecated. [Feature #6322]nobu
2012-04-18update .gitignorenobu
2012-03-31* .gitignore: ignore generated file verconf.h.ktsj
2011-03-19remove duplicated and change comment locationkazu
2011-03-18* .gitignore: ignore files generated by mkmf.nobu
2011-03-17* .gitignore: reduce duplications.nobu
2011-03-17* ext/win32ole/extconf.rb (create_docfile): removed. should notnobu
2011-03-09* .gitignore: ignore exts.mknagachika
2011-03-07cancel subversion backfire. sorrymatz
2011-03-07* gc.c (rb_gc_set_params): allow GC parameter configuration bymatz
2011-03-04 * .gitignore: ignore ext/date and ext/-test-/*/*.nagachika
2010-10-26* .gitignore: ignore pkg-config metadata file.nobu
2010-10-15* .gitignore: ignore doc/capi.nobu
2010-08-24* .gitignore: updated.mame
2010-05-17* .gitignore: updated.mame
2010-05-07* .gitignore: ignoring fiddle build filestenderlove
2010-04-16* .gitignore: updated.mame
2010-01-16Add *.onaruse
2009-09-14* svn:ignore, .gitignore: ignore id.h.nobu