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2010-06-05* .gdbinit (rp): show type name for RTypedData.akr
2010-06-05* .gdbinit (rp): detect and show RTypedData.akr
2010-05-30* .gdbinit (rp): mark singleton classes.nobu
2009-10-19* .gdbinit (rb_method_entry): search method entry by class and id.nobu
2009-10-19* .gdbinit (rb_ps): dump all threads and their callstacks. basednobu
2009-08-05* debug.c (ruby_dummy_gdb_enums): made public. [ruby-dev:39001]nobu
2009-06-15* .gdbinit (rp, iseq): load dummy_gdb_enums on demand.nobu
2009-05-21* template/id.h.tmpl, id.h (enum ruby_method_ids): added some IDs.nobu
2009-05-21.gdbinit (rp): missing "else" after T_NODE block.nobu
2009-03-30* .gdbinit (rp): show negative fixnum correctly.akr
2009-02-13* .gdbinit (iseq): added.nobu
2008-12-27* .gdbinit (dummy_gdb_enums.special_consts): forces to load debugnobu
2008-12-09* .gdbinit (rp): fixed typo for T_STRUCT.nobu
2008-10-16* .gdbinit (rp): REGEXP handling fixed.matz
2008-10-09 * include/ruby/ruby.h: embeds the elements of an array into itsyugui
2008-05-23* .gdbinit (rp): T_VALUES is no longer defined.nobu
2008-05-07* .gdbinit (rp): removed RUBY_T_BLOCK.nobu
2008-04-02* numeric.c (num_rdiv): should always return rational number.matz
2008-04-01* .gdbinit (rp): supports rational and complex numbers. it'smatz
2008-03-06use %ld for VALUE in rp.akr
2008-03-06follow RFloat member name change.akr
2007-12-21* re.c (ARG_ENCODING_NONE): defined for /.../n option.akr
2007-12-21* debug.c (dummy_gdb_enums.various): added ENCODING and CODERANGEnobu
2007-12-17show regexp flags and encoding.akr
2007-12-13don't show shared and assoc for embed string.akr
2007-12-13* string.c (rb_str_shared_replace): make str noembed after free.akr
2007-11-26fix coderange.akr
2007-10-16* ruby.c (RUBY_ENCODING_SHIFT): added as enum.akr
2007-10-07avoid magic numbers.akr
2007-10-07* include/ruby/node.h: make node flags as VALUE type.akr
2007-09-11forgot to follow RHash change.akr
2007-09-01* include/ruby/ruby.h (struct RBignum): embed digits in RBignum forakr
2007-08-16* bignum.c (bigtrunc): RBIGNUM(x)->len may be zero. out of boundmatz
2007-08-07* include/ruby/ruby.h (ruby_special_consts): added RUBY_SPECIAL_SHIFT.nobu
2007-07-05* include/ruby/{node,ruby}.h, ruby.c: added enum constants for gdbnobu
2007-06-15* .gdbinit: new file to ease debugging using gdb.akr