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diff --git a/win32/win32.c b/win32/win32.c
index e36c0d1cb70..f334e2f746c 100644
--- a/win32/win32.c
+++ b/win32/win32.c
@@ -351,9 +351,6 @@ flock(int fd, int oper)
-//#undef const
-//FILE *fdopen(int, const char *);
// Initialization stuff
@@ -1486,19 +1483,6 @@ valid_filename(char *s)
return 0;
-// This is a clone of fdopen so that we can handle the
-// brain damaged version of sockets that NT gets to use.
-// The problem is that sockets are not real file handles and
-// cannot be fdopen'ed. This causes problems in the do_socket
-// routine in doio.c, since it tries to create two file pointers
-// for the socket just created. We'll fake out an fdopen and see
-// if we can prevent perl from trying to do stdio on sockets.
-//EXTERN_C int __cdecl _alloc_osfhnd(void);
-//EXTERN_C int __cdecl _set_osfhnd(int fh, long value);
EXTERN_C void __cdecl _lock_fhandle(int);
EXTERN_C void __cdecl _unlock_fhandle(int);
EXTERN_C void __cdecl _unlock(int);