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== Requirement
-(1) Visual C++ 4.0 or later.
+(1) Visual C++ 5.0 or later.
(2) If you want to run `((%nmake clean%))' or `((%nmake distclean%))'
properly, you must install UNIX compatible `((%rm%))' command on
- your ((|PATH|)).
+ your ((|PATH|)) if you want to clean after compile.
(3) Please set environment variable (({INCLUDE})), (({LIB})), (({PATH}))
to run required commands properly from the command line.
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== How to compile and install
(1) Execute win32\configure.bat on your build directory.
+ You can specify the target platform as an argument.
+ For example, run `((%configure i686-mswin32%))'
(2) Change ((|RUBY_INSTALL_NAME|)) and ((|RUBY_SO_NAME|)) in (({Makefile}))
if you want to change the name of the executable files.
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* <install_directory>\lib\ruby\site_ruby\<MAJOR>.<MINOR>\<PLATFORM>
* <install_directory>\man\man1
If Ruby's version is `x.y.z', the ((|<MAJOR>|)) is `x' and the ((|<MINOR>|)) is `y'.
- The ((|<PLATFORM>|)) is `(({i386-mswin32}))'.
+ The default ((|<PLATFORM>|)) is `(({i386-mswin32}))'.
== Icons